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eCredentials, Inc.

January 29, 2012 09:39 ET

SAT Cheating Ring Investigation Brings FBI ePass App Use Suggestion

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jan 29, 2012) - eCredentials™, the company that invented the only electronic automatically changing every minute barcode algorithm, finds itself in the middle of the SAT Cheating Ring Investigation by retired FBI special agent Michael D. Burns' suggestion that they use the new technology to prevent future identity thefts at all SAT testing sites.

"ePass is the most secure electronic transactions, ticketing and identification protocol ever invented," said Michael D. Burns - FBI Special Agent, retired.

ePass™ recently became available as a free downloadable app on Apple iTunes and the Android, Verizon and Amazon App Stores. The key component that makes this technology so unique and a step above other electronic devices is the security that comes through the automatic constantly changing barcode algorithm.

"Once the user registers on the ePass™ system the event or test organizer pushes the event eCredentials™, Eidentification, eTicket, eBadge, ePass™ directly to the registered users smartphone, iPod Touch, iPad or dedicated ePass™ unit with the world's first automatically changing completely secure Barcode System. This technology makes all transactions to and from the ePass™ user completely safe and secure," said retired FBI special agent Michael D. Burns. The ePass™ system eliminates counterfeiting, duplication, forgery & entrance into events or tests by unauthorized people. If someone duplicates an event eCredentials™, eTicket, Eidentification or eBadge and attempts to gain entry into the test or event, they won't be authorized for entry because the barcode has changed since the duplication.

"The brilliance is in the automatic changing barcode. With security at the highest level at places such as SAT testing sites, sporting events, national conventions and political arenas, I can see ePass™ becoming the future of all issued credentials," noted the recognized voice of the NFL Pat Summerall.

Now, because of this new secure barcode algorithm, which eliminates any possibility of duplication or theft, companies such as airlines will have a safe and secure means of delivering an eTicket and boarding documents to a passenger's smartphone.

About eCredentials™

Through the ePass™ came the first ever automatically changing every minute barcode. This single element prevents duplication, counterfeiting, forgery and theft in all electronic transactions, identifications and ticketing worldwide. The new Free App is now available on the Apple iTunes, Android, Verizon and Amazon App Stores.

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