April 27, 2017 13:43 ET

Satellite Dishes Disappear from Residential and Commercial Rooftops

Live demonstration of new roof technology set for 2017 AIA Conference in Orlando

LAYTON, UT--(Marketwired - April 27, 2017) - Hauk, innovators of roof technology, unveils its solution to unsightly satellite dishes during the 2017 American Institute of Architects (AIA) conference, April 27-29 in Orlando, Fla.

Most homeowners, and even commercial property owners for that matter, are undoubtedly bothered by the awkward and unpleasant display of their satellite dish, as well as the angst caused by following onerous home owner association regulations. Repair professionals are certainly not immune to the challenges these protruding menaces create.

"We thought…what if we can move the satellite dish into the attic space or inside the roof, without compromising its effectiveness," says Mark Vogel, vice president of business development of Hauk. "Removing the requirement for the dish to be placed on an exterior surface was key."

Hauk is unveiling its solution during the 2017 AIA conference, and is confident the Signal Transparent Skylight (STS) will address many of the problems surrounding the satellite industry. "We feel the AIA Expo is the optimum setting to have conversations with roofers, builders and architects about how STS works to create value for the customer and reduces risk to their product."

Hauk's newest product release provides consumers a solution to combat home owner association (HOA) regulations that restrict satellite and cell communicator placement on the home. The STS also removes liability from penetrations on roof, walls and soffits that can cause damage over time. The product's ability to work from an indoor space creates a safe environment for the television service providers to complete the install in a timely manner regardless of the weather, roof conditions, or even restrictions outside.

"Our roofing partners are looking forward to the ability of installing or repairing a roof structure, without ever coming into contact with the satellite dish," says Vogel. "This solution allows them to concentrate solely on their area of expertise."

The company touts their support system is being developed to cover the entire life cycle of what [satellite dish] brings technology to the home. "From architects and audio video installers to DirecTV and Dish Network service providers, we are focused on providing our customers with comprehensive tech support," states Rick Yuill, president of business development.

The STS product is slated to hit the market Q3 of 2017.

About Hauk

Layton-based Hauk LLC, (, the leading innovator of rooftop technology, recently launched its STS product. STS is designed to increase signal stability and reduce the risk of roof damage, while providing an aesthetic solution for homes and offices. Hauk is a partner with Ki Ho Kang, president and CEO of KIHOMAC. KIHOMAC, a leading contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense, specializes in applying cutting-edge technology to support the U.S. Air Force. Hauk is exhibiting at AIA 2017, booth #3786.

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