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September 20, 2011 10:35 ET

Satori Software Helps Sub-Zero Develop Tighter Customer Relationships

Sub-Zero Efficiently Identifies Every Customer Using MailRoom ToolKit® Architect

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Sep 20, 2011) - Sub-Zero, Inc. has enhanced its customer experience management system with Satori Software contact data quality tools in order to increase customer satisfaction through all communication channels. The company is now able provide a more personal experience with its brand despite the thousands of records it processes each day.

Sub-Zero receives product inquiries and warranty registrations through email, phone, mail and via web form. In every instance the company has to be able to differentiate new shoppers from returning customers along with their associated products and support history.

To simplify the process, Sub-Zero uses the postal addresses to identify each customer, and address verification to ensure accuracy. Just as spell check corrects common misspellings in real time, the MailRoom ToolKit Architect address verification process checks and completes every address element. Then automatically applies a standard format to match new inquiries with existing customer records.

"The system we have in place makes customer interaction look easy, but it's not," reports Database Administrator Jason Van Pee. "We verify all addresses that enter our system. The address verification process makes some adjustment about 80 percent of the time. Not all are wrong, but a consistent format improves comparison. Architect definitely saves Sub-Zero time and money."

"Most customer management systems suffer from incomplete and duplicate records," says Joe Skop, SVP of worldwide sales for Satori Software Inc. "Success hinges on efficient customer identification. In many cases, an address is the perfect solution, but only when accurate."

On average, Sub-Zero handles 2,000 addresses every day. Each one goes through address correction and verification procedures before entering Sub-Zero's database.

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