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January 22, 2007 12:15 ET

Satori Software, Inc. Gains USPS NCOALink Full Service Provider Licensee Status

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 22, 2007 -- Satori Software, Inc. today announced that it has been granted by the United States Postal Service an NCOALink™ Full Service Provider License. As a licensed Full Service Provider, Satori Software can offer 48-month USPS change-of-address data through its Bulk Mailer® 5 and MailRoom ToolKit® product lines. Each offers real-time, move update processing of lists using a current release of USPS NCOALink data.

NCOALink is the next-generation technology developed by the USPS to improve mailers' ability to update addresses with the latest change-of-address information. With this new platform, a much broader range of mailers and database managers are able to process and update address records using this secure data storage technology. Using NCOA allows mailers to comply with the USPS MOVE Update requirements and to qualify for First-Class Mail Automation and Presort discounts. NCOA also dramatically increases Address Quality, which in turn reduces misdirected or lost mail. NCOALink data is available from USPS-approved vendors that are either certified as Limited Service Providers, which maintain the previous 18 months of Move Update data, or Full Service Providers, which maintain a full 48 months of Move Update data.

Following completion of the USPS certification process, Satori Software now offers 48-month NCOA data through its Bulk Mailer 5 and MailRoom ToolKit software series. Both series are designed for easy integration with existing databases or applications. Move updating occurs via the Internet (fully encrypted), with real-time processing, directly from within an address database, which eliminates the hassle of manually exporting and importing data.

Using the Internet for processing allows Satori Software to provide several significant advantages over traditional NCOA suppliers. With this real-time solution, there is no delay or turnaround time required while an outside bureau works on the file. Satori Software has robust servers that scale easily and can handle multiple clients and millions of records simultaneously. Additionally, the Satori Software integrated approach has no minimum fee, which encourages customers to cleanse and update even small files. There is no price increase for the 48-month option.

"We are very excited about our NCOALink Full Service Provider status," said Hugh Rogovy, President of Satori Software, "This new data will allow greater access to change-of-address information. The Bulk Mailer 5 and MailRoom ToolKit products continue to extend our desktop and our integrated approach to move updating, by processing lists in real-time via the Internet."

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Satori Software, Inc., based in Seattle, Washington, has been publishing desktop mailing solutions since 1982. Bulk Mailer and MailRoom ToolKit are its primary applications. Demos and more information are available on the Satori Software web site at

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