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November 09, 2011 01:00 ET

Saturna Green Systems Launches the First Wireless Technology Platform for Electric Scooters and Motorcycles

MILAN, ITALY--(Marketwire - Nov. 8, 2011) -

Editor's note: Two photos and one video accompany this press release.

Saturna Green Systems Inc. ("Saturna"), a vehicle wireless technology developer and GPS location-based services provider, today announced the launch of what it believes to be the world's first intelligent, connected electric scooter.

Saturna's factory installed wireless technology platform resolves the so-called 'range and charging anxiety' that continues to hinder widespread electric vehicle adoption, and provides two-wheel vehicle OEMs and their customers with numerous features and benefits found only in larger vehicles.

The platform is being demonstrated at EICMA Milan in cooperation with Vmoto Europe, Saturna's development partner. The scooter in question is a Vmoto e-max 120L-D delivery scooter, and a press conference is scheduled at the Vmoto stand (Green Planet Pavilion #U18), today at 14:30 Milan time.

Saturna's wireless communications and computing platform comprises four parts, beginning with three onboard components:

  1. Vehicle Digital Dashboard – the most visible part of the platform features a rugged, high luminescence, seven-inch, colour touchscreen, designed for safe and efficient rider interaction;
  2. Vehicle Onboard Processor – with Android™-based OS, 3G network connectivity, and optional Bluetooth™ and Wi-Fi™ for use with smartphones and a variety of mobile devices;
  3. Vehicle Monitoring and Controlling Hardware – that integrates fully with battery systems, motor controllers and other peripherals; and
  4. Saturna's Management System – the industry's first end-to-end, web-based, GPS location-based services system specifically designed for two-wheel electric vehicles.

The Digital Dashboard provides vital information to the e-scooter or e-motorcycle rider. This begins with full instrumentation on the go, with at-a-glance power use and range/charging information that effectively addresses range and charging anxiety. Once stopped, riders can then access detailed power management information, as well as real-time mapping, navigation, messaging, social networking, and a variety of consumer and commercial applications.

All of the information available on the Digital Dashboard, and more, can also be accessed on any web-enabled device. So away from the vehicle, a rider can instantly see their vehicle's power reserves, plan a route, or chat with other scooter riders a block away, or across the country. The system's features can also protect scooter and motorcycle owners against theft.

Saturna's platform provides a comprehensive set of features for commercial and government fleets – postal, courier, police, etc. – to reduce their costs and improve efficiency. These include: 1) Messaging – to eliminate the need for multiple devices; 2) Automated Dispatching – to help dispatchers choose least energy routings; 3) Automated Job Management – to manage complex vehicle and rider scheduling; 4) Fleet Maintenance – to monitor vehicle condition and use; and 5) Safety and Security features – to protect riders and cargo, as well as alert managers to unsafe operation. All of these features are customizable and can be fully integrated with back-end applications such as dispatch and accounting systems.

With the Saturna platform, the electric scooter or motorcycle becomes part of a connected future, and the stranded electric vehicle becomes a thing of the past. User range and charging anxiety is virtually eliminated. And two-wheel electrics can now take advantage of growing electric vehicle infrastructures, such as stationary and mobile charging facilities, battery services, roadside and emergency services, etc.

Saturna's highly customizable and scalable technology platform is aimed at two-wheel OEMs and their consumer and commercial customers, and is available at three product feature levels. Assembly line ready product is scheduled for mid 2012 and talks are currently underway with several manufacturers. It is believed that an OEM that adds Saturna's platform to their product line could see significant first mover advantages in an increasingly competitive electric vehicle marketplace.

About Saturna Green Systems

Saturna Green Systems Inc., located in Vancouver, Canada, is an early stage, high-tech company, developing the next generation of wireless mobile technology and location-based services for electric and conventional two-wheel vehicles. Significant product development has already taken place and includes the filing of several provisional concept and technology patents. Saturna's team has a proven track record of management and product development in the wireless, location-based services and telematics industries. It was this background that helped Saturna identify a niche in the growing, global, electric vehicle market, and it is now providing this extensive know-how to two-wheel OEMs and their customers.

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