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March 05, 2013 08:00 ET

Savant Protection Ships Enforcer 5.1; Solution Ideal for Industrial Control Systems

Savant Enforcer Client Fully Operational in Remote and Disconnected Environments

HUDSON, NH--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2013) - Savant Protection, the leading provider of Automated Application Whitelisting solutions, announced today the availability of Savant Enforcer Version 5.1. Savant Enforcer 5.1 is the first fully featured application whitelisting solution that can operate in remote and disconnected environments, an important requirement in the Industrial Control System (ICS) market. The effort to create the new version was completed over this past year in partnership with leading industrial systems providers and industry experts collaborating to speed security solutions to market.

Savant Enforcer's flexible agent architecture was identified as the ideal platform to meet the fast emerging requirements to protect critical infrastructure and industrial installations from zero day and targeted attacks. In particular SCADA HMI (Human Machine Interface) workstations, engineering workstations and other Windows computers within those environments that command, control, and monitor vital system operations are increasingly vulnerable to attack vectors that include internal IP networks, Wi-Fi, and USBs accessible to insiders. Based on patented application whitelisting technology, Enforcer's easily deployed and cost-effective agent blocks unauthorized actions on control systems and can thwart sophisticated attacks, such as zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats that are designed to bypass other types of security solutions and proliferate.

"Proliferation of malware is a potentially catastrophic security issue that is of grave concern within critical infrastructure organizations such as power, oil and gas, transportation, and manufacturing," said Sid Snitkin, VP of Enterprise Advisory Services at ARC. "Application whitelisting is increasingly a 'must have' technology within the ICS and critical infrastructure market."

Unlike other application whitelisting solutions that must be connected to function and general purpose antivirus systems designed to be constantly connected and updating known signatures, Savant Enforcer's unique approach to providing a fully functional agent that operates and can be locally or remotely administered over a secure connection addresses fundamental defense-in-depth requirements for the ICS space. In addition, Enforcer's patented "default deny" approach to security stops unknown zero day malware, advanced persistent threats and proliferation.

"With Savant Enforcer, operators of industrial control systems and critical infrastructures can immediately and cost-effectively improve their security profile while maintaining availability," said Pete Jenney, CTO of Resilient Machines, Inc. "Purpose built whitelisting systems such as Savant Enforcer, solve the problems of deployment in an 'always on' environment. In addition Savant Enforcer makes it impossible for malware to proliferate, moving from one machine to execute on another. Our tests within ICS CERT live fire war games proved Savant Enforcer's ability to stop targeted zero day attacks and prevent proliferation."

Combined with Savant Enforcer's existing features of a full client UI, robust security and the ability to deploy immediately, are new capabilities that include:

  • One Click additions to whitelist

  • Silent Installs with no reboot to maintain operations

  • Expanded Local User Interface for local and remote administration

  • Trusted Agents updaters designed to support secure vendor patches and proprietary environments

  • Trusted Web Application allows secure browser sessions for remote control updates

  • XML Integration tools for full integration to management systems

  • Log Only one way export of logs to a SIEM reporting all authorized as well as blocked or unauthorized change attempts

Savant Protection's purpose-built solution prevents attacks, both known and yet to be discovered. Its unique and patented approach provides advanced protection, safeguarding each individual computer or server with unique keys to protect the whitelist. Savant ensures that malware cannot propagate across an organization. Specifically designed for flexibility, its ease of implementation and seamless interoperability with antivirus solutions means there is minimal need for ongoing administration and no impact or disruption to the operation.

About Savant Protection

Savant Protection is a leading privately held vendor of innovative application whitelisting solutions that fill major gaps in the functionality of other security and management products and provide significant operational and financial benefits to customers. The company's solutions are easy to integrate with existing systems, are not dependent on a central whitelist database to stop zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats. Savant Protection also addresses the gap with existing security solutions, such as signature-based anti-virus products, to effectively protect against the growing proliferation of sophisticated and targeted malware. Savant Protection's customers are able to lower costs and increase their organization's productivity by minimizing endpoint incidents that cause downtime and require remediation. Savant Protection is headquartered in Hudson, New Hampshire, USA.

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