April 11, 2013 17:07 ET

SavATree Helps Customers Prepare for Cicada Invasion

BEDFORD HILLS, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 11, 2013) - With a growing buzz surrounding the impending emergence of cicadas on the east coast, many are starting to wonder what it means for the safety of their trees, shrubs and gardens. SavATree has begun working with concerned clients to help them manage expectations and understand what can be done both before and after the infestation.

The particular brood of cicada which east coast residents will be seeing this spring is considered periodical, only emerging once every 17 years. Once they arrive, some areas might see billions of the insects per square mile but it's important to note that the volume of cicadas will vary from region to region.

While most shrubs and mature trees will be able to withstand the activity of the cicadas, younger trees, shrubs and ornamentals can be at risk when female cicadas cut slits in small branches in order to lay their eggs. These branches can become weak and broken, resulting in "flagging." In some cases, this flagging will be nothing more than an aesthetic concern, but in severe cases, the health of younger trees and ornamentals might become compromised. 

"While there's not a proven treatment to keep cicadas from entering your landscape, there are steps that can be taken to strengthen your trees in advance and help them to recover after the infestation," said Patrick Parker, Director of Plant Health Care at SavATree. Deep root injections with a bio-stimulant such as ArborKelp® either before or after the infestation can help by developing root systems that increase the flow of water and nutrients and bolster the overall health of your trees. After the infestation has ended, SavATree recommends pruning to clean up any broken branches and improve overall aesthetics.

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