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Save Money With SIP Trunking and These 5 Business VoIP Phone Services, Presented by

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2013) - The days of making phone calls over a traditional landline are over, thanks to modern technology and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. Simply put, Business VoIP Telephones cost less money, offer a higher quality of voice, and include access to dozens of features like an automated attendant, music on hold, and more.

But what about businesses that already have the necessary equipment for these features? Most businesses have a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to manage extensions and provide calling features, and the VoIP providers listed below easily upgrade that system into an Internet-ready IP-PBX server. Once this is done, businesses are ready for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP trunking).

SIP trunks translate traditional analog phone signals into hyper-efficient packets of data, and send them through the Internet for cheap VoIP calls. What's better is that companies only need as many SIP trunks as they have maximum incoming and outgoing calls, since extensions can all share lines and use whichever one is open. That means that a company with 40 extensions that only makes/receives 10 calls at most at any given time only needs 10 SIP trunks. To help businesses save money and find the right SIP trunking service, the cheap calling experts at compiled this list of the best business VoIP providers that offer it.

1. Nextiva

Nextiva gets extremely high ratings from their happy customers, which catapults them to the top of this list. Each SIP trunk is available for as little as $14.95 a month, and offers amazing service that is trusted by big companies like Target, IBM, and Delta Airlines. Their SIP trunks, like most providers, are expandable and scalable, so that the phone system can easily grow to meet the needs of new employees on the fly.


For even cheaper SIP trunking, try Their no-nonsense name comes with no-nonsense service, and unlimited inbound calling. Call the continental United States with over 5,000 minutes with their basic plan, or upgrade to unlimited outbound calling as well. Their SIP trunks come as low as $11 each.

3. OnSIP

OnSIP is compatible with more types of IP phones than any other SIP trunking provider on the market. They also offer a no-contract option, which charges only 2.9¢ per minute on both inbound and outbound calls. They also allow businesses to combine all of their offices and even employee home phone numbers to the same internal calling system, for unlimited free calls.

4. 8x8, Inc.

With a convenient web portal for account management, 8x8 lets businesses add or remove extensions at the click of a mouse. Their business VoIP services support companies of any size, from under 5 users to over 500. 8x8 will port over existing phone and toll-free numbers to the award-winning 8x8 digital voice network. They also have competitive nationwide and international calling rates to back that up.

5. OnePipe Telecom

SIP trunking from OnePipe Telecom comes at $20 per trunk, with no setup fees or contracts. It also includes a smartphone app to tie mobile numbers into a business phone system, which will receive forwarded calls for free as part of the internal company network. OnePipe even provides high-speed Internet service if the office network is running slowly.

SIP trunking is the best way to reduce monthly phone bills for businesses that already have a PBX phone system because it only asks companies to pay for what they actually use, instead of purchasing separate phone lines for every phone. When presented with the option to pay less for a better phone system, what is there to lose?

Matt Paulson is a technical writer and editor based out of Southern California. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and covers the latest news and innovations in the VoIP industry.

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