December 24, 2013 14:30 ET

Save the North Pole for Santa: Santa Has a Plan to Address Climate Change

THE NORTH POLE and SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Dec 24, 2013) - reports that the northern elves and their head elf, Santa Claus, have launched a new website to address climate change and save the North Pole.

Santa has a plan to empower children and make local, State and National politicians all over the world, put actionable plans and policies in place before it's too late. (Santa does mention that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on the naughty list.) 

Excerpt: 'Santa thought for a moment and thought that although Prime Minister Stephen Harper seemed like a very nice man, doing a very good job, his actions and inactions with climate change and Canada's environment would make him one of the top naughty list candidates. Santa believed he was a good man at heart, but felt a bundle of letters from Canadian children might convince him to do the right thing. He was after all, a father too.

Canada was close to home literally for Santa, so he believed if Canada, his neighbor could be the leader in change, since it needed to change the most, maybe the rest of the world could follow.'

Santa has launched the site today as he begins his global journey spreading joy to children around the world.

Upon his return and following a reasonably long nap, he will start to lay out his plan to children and their parents for action in 2014.

One of the elves has written the story of the inspiration behind the big idea.

Saving the North Pole for Santa

Santa sat in a big white stuffed chair in the middle of the room staring at the wooden floor beneath him. He had a handful of shiny marbles; some blue, some sea green, a white marbled one and a very dark black one. He placed them gently on the floor and watched and waited. Slowly all the marbles rolled to the left hand corner of the room.

He had done this task sixteen times today and each time with the same result.

Mrs. Claus walked into the living room and laughed heartily. "Have you lost your marbles my dear? With only a few days before Christmas do you really have time to be playing games?"

"It's no game my sweet. I feel that there is something terribly wrong. Something we have known for years but it's getting worse than I expected and happening faster than I feared. Our foundation is uneven. Our house has shifted. The North Pole has moved again."

"But doesn't it always shift somewhat? Isn't that partly why we moved here years ago? So nobody could find our true location?" she asked.

Santa looked deeply into her sparkling sea blue eyes and smiled quietly. "Yes, it always moves a bit each year, just enough to fool any brave explorer that thinks he has found us on an expedition, only to then think it was a mirage in the cold after all. But in the past ten years the shift has been increasing and even faster in the last few years. I feel we are drifting as the polar ice melts around us. I can even see it from the sky."

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Stay tuned for Santa's action plan on how to save the North Pole in 2014

Save the North Pole for Santa is a website created by Santa and his elves in an attempt to create awareness for climate change issues. Santa plans to initiate a campaign encouraging children that believe in the magic of him and his elves (even if they don't celebrate Christmas) to write letters to their local, State and National politicians to make climate change a primary issue and put policies in place to take immediate action.

Santa believes it's not too late if we act today.

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