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August 13, 2009 05:00 ET

Save Time, Increase Productivity and Improve Cash Flow

Good reasons to start using a letter opener

ROMFORD, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 13, 2009) - In these times of economic uncertainty, increasing productivity, improving cash flow and reducing costs is the key to business survival. All of this can be achieved by looking at how business processes and daily tasks can be improved.

Dealing with incoming mail efficiently, is a daily task any business cannot ignore. Processing incoming mail quickly and effectively can improve your business efficiency. By using a letter opener to automate this tedious task, you can save time and money by getting the right mail to the right people sooner.

Opening one envelope isn't really a chore, however, opening hundreds or thousands of them is. Businesses waste time every day by opening their mail by hand. Letter openers are suitable for any size of business.

Here are some key reasons why a business should start using a letter opener.

Save time and increase productivity

A letter opener can automatically open 2500 envelopes in less time than it takes a person to open 38 by hand, which frees employees up to work on more valuable tasks improving productivity.

A letter opener can handle mixed mail and standard mail without the need for pre-sorting. From the comfort of your own desk you can open a hundred envelopes in different sizes and thicknesses in just a few minutes. Some letter openers also allow you to extract the contents.

Improve cash flow

Cash flow can be adversely affected when there is no way to tell which envelopes contain cheques. Cash flow can be improved by using a letter opener, as cheques are indentified and separated instantly from other mail and banked sooner.

Customer orders can be processed quickly and customer queries answered sooner leaving operators to focus on sorting the mail and distributing it to the right person for action.

Enhanced security

Letter openers eliminate the need for individuals to open the post. They open each piece of mail securely so documents can be removed safely and easily by the operator. Some letter openers have an empty envelope detection facility which ensures all the contents are removed from the envelope so every single cheque, order or claim is removed and actioned as soon as possible.

Preventing your documents from damage

Letter openers ensure that every mail piece is extracted without damage. Some letter openers can slit the envelope on one, two or three sides. Precision blades set at paper thickness slit only the envelope, never touching what's inside. There are no messy trimmings to deal with either. They also come with an anti jamming device for dealing with paperclips and staples.

Simple and efficient operation

Letter openers are easy to use. They have a clear and user friendly control panel and have simple and self explanatory interfaces.

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