May 29, 2013 10:02 ET

SAVO Sets Vision for Smarter Selling™ to Drive Greater Revenue Performance

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - May 29, 2013) - At the sold-out Sales Enablement Summit earlier this month, SAVO, the market leader in sales enablement, unveiled their Smarter Selling approach to help companies integrate lead conversion, CRM and sales enablement to drive greater revenue performance. This new approach helps sales organizations deliver their sales process, messaging and situational content into a simple, effective solution to achieve greater success.

Based on industry leading research and work with world-class companies, SAVO identified five critical selling system components prone to failure as the lead, process, meeting, proposal and analysis. SAVO is urging companies to sell smarter by capturing buyer and seller behavioral intelligence at each of these stages. Once this unique behavioral data is collected, it can be leveraged to deliver actionable guidance to close the gaps that exist between revenue growth goals and successful execution by sales and marketing teams.

"The seller's journey is more challenging than ever. Buyers are better informed, and well aware of the value of your solutions and your competitors'," said Mark O'Connell, president and CEO of SAVO. "A Smarter Selling System is critical to providing sales teams with the right tools to align with the buying process and inspire their customers in order to realize success."

SAVO's Smarter Selling System is designed to help companies overcome the five critical failure points in the following ways:

1. The Lead - 80% of nurtured marketing leads do not advance. However, through SAVO Insight and integration, sellers that know about the campaign that drove the lead, what products/solutions were of most interest and specific next steps, conversion rates greatly improve. 

2. The Process - A mere 19% of companies are effective in following a consistent sales process and sellers quickly retreat to familiar terrain when faced with changes to their environment. SAVO extracts intelligence about what is known about buyers and their journey, and outlines prescriptive steps to allow the sales person to better tie in to the buying cycle.

3. The Meeting - Only 7% of reps are getting a second meeting. Companies invest in messaging, but why aren't reps leveraging it? Enabled sales organizations not only put substantial effort into building content that aligns to every interaction with the buyer, they also use SAVO Mobile technology to deliver this intelligence in real time to better interact and manage what transpires in the meeting.

4. The Proposal - 78% of companies prepare proposals manually causing a great time drain and opportunity for inconsistency or compliance failures. Automating the proposal generating function is key, but using information collected about each individual selling situation throughout the stages of the selling cycle takes automation to a new level. This information is used to automatically assemble the right proposal team, and develop proposals at the push of a button.

5. The Analysis - 8% of organizations analyze pipeline as a way to uncover the root cause of opportunity attrition. Smart selling systems marry sophisticated tracking and analytics with the ability to capture behavioral intelligence, providing marketing, sales and operations with access to actionable insights.

To jumpstart the path to Smarter Selling™ in your organization, read "The Five Failure Points of Today's Selling System" white paper and learn where to start.

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