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August 23, 2012 10:01 ET

SAVO Survey Finds Vendor Evaluations Becoming More Complex, Yet Sales People Not Equipped to Manage

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2012) - According to a recent poll by the SAVO Group, 85 percent of companies will include three to 10 individuals in the decision making process when evaluating new technology. This poll also revealed 90 percent of companies evaluate at least two vendors and 58 percent evaluate at least three. These numbers are from a live poll of 92 participants during one of SAVO's Mission: Possible educational webinars, "The 21st Century Sales Warrior: Delivering Sales Effectiveness for Today's Sales Organization."

As the competitive landscape becomes more difficult and complex to navigate, sales people are not being equipped to go into battle. Despite increased attention to vendor review, low attention is being paid to Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies, which are only being revised once a year, if at all, by the majority of companies polled (61 percent). Additionally, only three percent of those polled socialized their Go-to-Market strategy with enterprise sellers. As the trend continues towards more complex selling situations, sellers' ability to better align with buyer's needs and challenges becomes the differentiator between a deal lost or won.

"Go-to-Market socialization is a challenge in most organizations," said Dan Schleifer, senior director of marketing at SAVO. "The fact that enterprise sellers are not connected to Go-to-Market strategies represents one of the biggest gaps that affect sales effectiveness. Enterprise sellers need to know the strategy so they can be effective in their selling situation."

Sales efficiency is about increasing time to sell and developing new business. Sales effectiveness is about selling better. Both are critical to enterprise sales organizations. With more competition and more people to sell to, organizations have to better prepare and support their sellers.

During the webinar, participants identified their biggest sales effectiveness challenge:

  • 35% said aligning sales content, information and message to the buyer was most troublesome.
  • 26% indicated it to be automating the preparation of selling materials.
  • 33% reported an issue with competitive intelligence.
  • 6% said seller mobility presented an issue.

As companies struggle with sales effectiveness, a strong sales enablement solution can help ease all of these pain points. While Fortune 500 companies average a 7.8 percent annual growth rate1, companies that report having a strong sales enablement program are witnessing 15.3 percent2.

SAVO will host its eighth sales enablement webinar in the Mission: Possible series on September 11, 2012 titled, "Mobile with Impact: Enable Sellers to Inspire Customers" Registrants are eligible to receive a free SAVO Maturity Benchmark of their organization.

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1 Percentages are based on the annual growth rates of Fortune 500 companies over the past 10 years, excluding 2002 and 2009 because of the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001 and the financial crisis of 2008.

2 The SAVO Maturity Model was built on a foundation of more than 165 companies.

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