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November 16, 2010 14:20 ET

Savvy Social Media Users Earn Big With eZipIt's Three Degree Social Network

Members Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to Push Site's Savings, Put Cash in Their Pockets

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - November 16, 2010) - It's a staggering statistic, and one that affects one in 17 Americans. The number of people holding multiple jobs is on the rise and now accounts for more than 5% of the working population. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, it's all about the money, with most people moonlighting to earn extra cash, pay off debt, or meet expenses.

But, as experts like Brian Solis, Chris Brogan and Peter Shankman have been touting for years: social media is changing everything. Not only are more and more people using sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find jobs, they'll soon be able to use their social networks to bring in extra cash. Call it, making money off the people you know. It's a concept being pioneered by the new website, eZipIt.

Launched in October, eZipIt is an invite-only social network where members can shop, save and earn cash. Aside from saving money on thousands of local and national deals, members can actually make money through the site's unique Three Degree Social Network.

When a member joins eZipIt, they're able to invite friends throughout their social network using: e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is the first degree. Members of that group who accept can pass the invite onto their social network, or the second degree, who in turn invite their friends, or the third degree. Members earn a $15 payout for each person in their network who joins at the first, second and third degrees. Members can choose to cash out their available funds at their discretion, once accrued.

On top of the cash and in celebration of its recent launch, eZipIt is giving away brand new 2011 Cadillac SRXs to the first 10 members to acquire 3,000 people in their eZipIt network.

For Benzion Aboud, founder and CEO of eZipIt, it's all about giving the money back to the people who build the customer base.

"The concept of giving the dollars back to the people, it's very simple," says Aboud. "You join eZipIt, you allow eZipIt to connect to your contact list. eZipIt will send an e-mail to your friends letting them know you're an eZipIt member. They read up on eZipIt, see that it's a beneficial product, and join eZipIt."

Aboud is no stranger to the online shopping industry. He's also the brains behind, a home services comparison site that's expected to surpass $100 million in sales this year.

"I used to spend millions on traditional advertising," adds Aboud. "But, word of mouth is truly the most effective way to spread the word about a product. I thought, why not create a site that capitalizes on that concept?"

Studies show more than 70% of people prefer the use of social comparison models, peer recommendations and friend referrals over conventional advertising. Most say they're more apt to use a product, if their friend suggests it.

"Social media thrives on referrals from peers," says Jeff Zbar, journalist and marketing expert. "We want the thumbs up, the like or the dislike. It gives validation to the things that we're doing online. If social media can help us tap into that, it shortens the separation between the value that's out there and the value that people might realize."

For the hundreds of millions of people who use social networks, eZipIt is an easy way to make money for what they already do every day. That could mean leaving those 2nd and 3rd jobs behind for good.

"To be able to make money without leaving the house, and without lifting a finger. That's everyone's dream," adds Aboud. "eZipIt is creating a new breed of entrepreneurs who are cashing in on communication. What could be easier than that?"

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A division of, eZipIt is a private, online shopping club with a wide selection of special savings on travel, entertainment, fashion, electronics, jewelry, fitness, beauty, home goods and more. This invite-only referral network provides members access to discounts on both national and local offers and features daily deals. In addition to saving money, eZipIt™ uses the Three Degree Social Network to reward members when their friends sign up for the service. To check it out, head to

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