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March 20, 2013 09:00 ET

Say Hello to Your Virtual Green Thumb: Sprout it Makes Growing Your Own Food Simple

A New Web-Based App Takes the Guesswork Out of Gardening

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - Mar 20, 2013) - Meet the must-have gardening tool for spring. Launching today, Sprout it is a web-based application, backed by Miracle-Gro®, designed to inspire and help gardeners grow edible plants. Sprout it helps gardeners determine the plants most likely to succeed in their gardens, accounting for space, lifestyle, local weather conditions and difficulty. Then, throughout the season, Sprout it provides gardeners with a customized gardening plan, including notifications, reminders and encouragement to help them plant, nurture and eventually harvest their vegetables and herbs.

"Foodies, young professionals and aspiring mixologists are just some groups who are drawn to the idea of growing their own vegetables and herbs," explained Matt Armstead, CEO of Sprout it. "Why make another trip to the grocery store when you can simply head outside? Whether you raid your garden for peppers and summer squash to add to grilled kebabs, top a game day pizza with basil and tomatoes, or serve rosemary-infused gin, Sprout it provides the resources and knowledge you need to impress friends and family."

Popping up just in time for spring, Sprout it understands that the first steps to create a new garden can be intimidating, which is why the app combines gardening inspiration with a healthy dose of know-how throughout the year, thanks in part to resources and tips from Miracle-Gro.

"Edible plants are a gateway to gardening for many people. We saw this partnership with Sprout it as an opportunity to share Miracle-Gro's resources and knowledge to help the next generation of gardeners succeed," explained Patti Ziegler, VP Global Marketing and Communications at Miracle-Gro.

10 Tweetable Gardening Tips from Sprout it
1. Not sure what to plant in your garden? How about a salsa or pizza garden? Perfecto! Click to tweet.
2. Want to maximize the growing season? Timing is key. With @GoSproutIt, you can map out a garden plan based on your city's anticipated frost date. Click to tweet.
3. Get your hands dirty! Before planting, prepare your beds by adding garden soil and mixing it in with your native soil for extra nutrients. Click to tweet.
4. Your plants are thirsty! Avoid evaporation by watering your garden in the morning or evening. Less heat = more refreshing! Click to tweet.
5. Container gardening? Try going vertical this season for a new look in your old space with railings, stands or wall-mounted containers. Click to tweet.
6. Ever heard of a toad hotel? Repurpose a broken/old clay pot to house critters & ward off pests. Click to tweet.
7. Fun fact: Tomatoes grow well near basil and green beans. Tomatoes & potatoes? Not so much. Avoid planting them near each other. Click to tweet.
8. Your garden should match your style. Have fun with stones, fencing and other creative decorations! Click to tweet.
9. Tip: Thinning smaller "seedlings" is part of the process. Don't feel bad! Snip away at the soil line instead of pulling them up! Click to tweet.
10. "Life's a garden. Dig it." Click to tweet.

About Sprout it
Sprout it -- with the support of Miracle-Gro -- is a web-based application designed to make growing simple. Helping people get in touch with a better way of growing, living and eating, Sprout it is the app that partners with gardeners. Allowing users to explore what they can grow, Sprout it helps people set up customized plans uniquely suited to their gardens. Supporting your gardening activities throughout the season with notifications, reminders and encouragement, Sprout it provides gardening guidance from sowing to harvest. With the help of Miracle-Gro, Sprout it is giving consumers what they need to succeed, combining gardening inspiration with Miracle-Gro resources and tips. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Sprout it is empowering everyone -- from experienced gardeners to first-timers -- to grow with more success and confidence, right at home.

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