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September 29, 2009 07:59 ET

Scalent Granted Patent for Virtual Data Center

Patent Recognizes Key Technologies for Virtualization, Dynamic Datacenter, and Enterprise Cloud

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - September 29, 2009) - Scalent Systems, the leading provider of infrastructure provisioning software, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 7,574,491 to the company for "A system and a method for implementing a virtual data center," recognizing the unique approach Scalent V/OE Infrastructure Manager software uses to automate the provisioning and management of datacenter infrastructure. This technology is a necessary ingredient for the automation and virtualization of data center infrastructure.

Scalent lets enterprises create a dynamic IT infrastructure that quickly adjusts to the changing needs of business. The Scalent V/OE Infrastructure Manager rapidly provisions what servers are running and how they are connected to networks and storage, without needing to make physical server, cable, or SAN changes.

Server provisioning becomes nearly instantaneous. Changing system function and topology doesn't require touching physical cables or servers. You can rack once, cable once, then reconfigure repeatedly, as needed, effortlessly. Both bare-metal and virtual machines are supported. End-to-end provisioning means servers, network, and storage access are provisioned simultaneously.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery are automatic. In the event of hardware failure an available server is re-provisioned to replace the failed one in minutes. All required network and storage access is configured automatically. Instead of hours of downtime, applications are back online in minutes.

Change is simple. Sometimes even the best-laid plans fail to predict real-world needs. If a workload was provisioned in a virtual machine but now needs to run on a bare-metal blade due to higher demand, Scalent V/OE Infrastructure Manager assures a smooth move in minutes.

Scalent V/OE Infrastructure Manager is a software-only solution. It does not require proprietary hardware modules or gateways -- it works with industry standard servers, Ethernet switches, and Fiber Channel switches. It is certified for use with servers and network switches from Dell, Cisco and Brocade. The product also supports a multi-vendor array of storage devices that customers already have in their infrastructure.

Scalent Systems recently signed an OEM agreement with Dell under which Dell will sell, service, and support the V/OE Infrastructure Manager as part of its Efficient Enterprise solution portfolio. The Scalent V/OE Infrastructure Manager is also available as an OEM product from Unisys, as well as from EMC in the EMC Select catalog.

"Scalent V/OE enables data centers to react in real-time to changing business needs, and a critical aspect of that functionality is the product's ability to create an abstraction that allows servers, networks, and storage access to be managed logically rather than physically," said Chandy Nilakantan, CTO of Scalent Systems. "We're pleased to see our innovation and leadership recognized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office."

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Scalent Systems is a leading provider of infrastructure provisioning software. The Scalent software enables data centers to react to changing business needs by dynamically changing what servers are running and how those servers are connected to network and storage. The result is a dynamic infrastructure, where data centers can transition between different configurations in minutes without physical intervention. See