SOURCE: Scalent Systems

June 10, 2008 08:01 ET

Scalent Systems Announces Support of Sun Servers With CoolThreads Technology

Infrastructure Virtualization Software to Support Sun Logical Domains Hardware Virtualization in Addition to Software-Based Virtualization

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - Scalent Systems, the leading provider of infrastructure virtualization software for large data centers, today announced support for Sun Logical Domains (LDoms) server virtualization and partitioning technology by Scalent V/OE Infrastructure Virtualization software. Sun's LDoms technology is available on its chip multi-threaded (CMT) systems with CoolThreads technology including the Sun SPARC® Enterprise T5140 and T5240 servers.

Scalent allows data center operators to rapidly change entire systems and associated topologies, including which servers are running, what software is running on them, and how they're connected to network and storage. Scalent does this in real-time without requiring physical changes to the infrastructure. Scalent V/OE software enables customers to take their data centers from "dead bare metal" (powered off hardware with no software installed) to live (newly deployed or restored), connected (to network and storage) servers, in boot time.

Scalent software leverages the infrastructure deployed within the data center to enable real-time reconfiguration and repurposing of resources. Scalent enables customers to freely move servers between physical and virtual machines. With Scalent, servers brought up on Solaris SPARC bare-metal can be re-deployed or fail-over to Solaris in LDoms in boot time. Scalent is the only provider of graphical server repurposing software that supports bare-metal Solaris, Windows and Linux operating environments as well as virtualization technologies including LDoms, VMware, and Xen.

LDoms is a powerful, open source, hardware virtualization and partitioning technology, and is provided as standard at no extra cost on UltraSPARC T1, T2 and T2 Plus-based servers. The latest SPARC Enterprise T5140 and T5240 servers can support up to 128 LDoms per server, with superb granularity, all at no cost. Unlike proprietary virtualization technologies, LDoms can save customers up to $3,600 per system.

"Sun's LDoms virtualization allows Scalent to leverage a new functional area from which to deliver virtual servers," said Chandy Nilakantan, Chief Technology Officer, Scalent Systems. "To support the data center, infrastructure virtualization software must deliver repurposing for physical and virtual servers in coordination with the dynamic reconfiguration of network resources and allocation of storage."

"We are excited that Scalent has embraced Sun Logical Domains technology available in Sun's CMT servers," said Bob McGaughey, senior director, Systems Product Management, Sun Microsystems. "Sun CMT servers offer the industry's only flexible, open source, no-cost virtualization technologies with Solaris Containers and LDoms, helping customers create a more agile, responsive, eco-friendly compute environment."

About Scalent Systems

Scalent Systems is the leading provider of Real-time Management and Automation software for virtual and physical infrastructure to data centers worldwide. Scalent's software enables data centers to react to changing business needs by dynamically changing what servers are running and how those servers are connected to network and storage. The result is a real-time infrastructure, where data centers can transition between different configurations -- or from dead bare metal to live connected servers -- in five minutes or less, without physical intervention. Using Scalent software, companies have been able to implement cost-effective solutions while reducing server counts, simplifying manageability, and increasing reliability. Many of the Fortune 1000 companies rely on Scalent to support their success, having adopted the software as an integral part of their business continuity, QA test infrastructure automation, and IT operations. Scalent Systems is based in Palo Alto, with offices worldwide. Scalent's software is available globally both direct and through partners and resellers.

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