April 23, 2012 08:00 ET

Scalp Conditions Handbook: Publishes eBook Concerning Treatment Options for Itchy, Irritated Scalps

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 23, 2012) - Scalp conditions can be both embarrassing and tricky to treat, so it's crucial to research treatment options when faced with concerns like dandruff, scalp psoriasis or a dry, flaky scalp. The latest eBook Scalp Conditions Handbook contains 12 chapters that will help readers understand the causes of scalp conditions and some ways to treat scalp concerns at home, as well as prevent them from recurring.

1. Dry, Flaky Scalp (Dandruff). Dandruff is extremely common, but can also be tough to diagnose and treat. How do people get dandruff, and what types of lifestyle habits can trigger this condition? To find out, visit or click

2. Products for Dandruff: Soothing Itchy Scalp. Successfully treating dandruff requires not only using topical treatment products, but choosing the right active ingredients and using these formulas correctly. How can individuals choose from the many available dandruff products and truly relieve itchy scalp symptoms? To find out, visit or click

3. When Acne-Like Spots Strike the Scalp. Scalp folliculitis is a confusing condition since it may resemble acne, with some important differences. Whether the condition is mild or severe, what are some ways to rid the scalp of these itchy bumps that appear along the hairline? To find out, visit or click

4. Scalp Folliculitis. For anyone diagnosis with scalp folliculitis, education is key to managing this condition. What are some ways to treat and prevent this highly contagious condition before it worsens or spreads to others? To find out, visit or click

5. Scalp Folliculitis: The Basics. What some may not know about scalp folliculitis is it's actually caused by a fungal or bacterial infection -- meaning treatment varies based on the root cause of this condition. What are some ways to determine the cause of scalp folliculitis and successfully treat it? To find out, visit or click

6. Scalp Folliculitis: Frequently Asked Questions. Sometimes the most difficult part of a scalp issue isn't treating the condition -- it's accurately diagnosing the condition itself. How can one determine if those little pimples along the hairline are acne or scalp folliculitis? To find out, visit or click

7. Scalp Folliculitis: Emergency Products and Daily Maintenance. Once identified, scalp folliculitis can be treated with everyday products such as shampoos, spot treatments and medicated conditioners. What are some ways to unclog pores and relieve itching, fast? To find out, visit or click

8. Scalp Health: Top 10 Products to Nurture and Protect. Even for those who don't have a scalp condition, changing weather conditions can leave the scalp too dry, too oily or just plain irritated. What are some ways to balance scalp oils and leave the hair and scalp feeling healthy and refreshed? To find out, visit or click

9. Easy Solutions for 5 Common Winter Hair Woes. Winter brings its own set of problems when it comes to the hair and scalp, and itchiness can be a daily problem for many. How can people restore moisture to a dry, itchy scalp during the dry winter months? To find out, visit or click

10. Inside Seborrheic Dermatitis. Dandruff, which is also known as sebborheic dermatitis, is a daily problem for many people, even after trying several types of treatment products. Whether the cause is overactive oil glands, heredity or environmental conditions, how can one relieve symptoms? To find out, visit or click

11. Scalp Psoriasis. Dandruff is frustrating, but scalp psoriasis is an entirely different condition. What are some treatment options when faced with the characteristic silvery-white scales and red patches common to scalp psoriasis? To find out, visit or click

12. Soothe an Irritated Scalp: 5 Ways to Treat Acne and Other Scalp Conditions.
Whether the problem is acne, dandruff or any other condition that affects the scalp, it's important to treat an irritated scalp with the right soothing treatment products. How can one find the best products for cleansing, hydrating and balancing scalp oil production? To find out, visit or click

Find answers for many more questions about treating scalp conditions and relieving a dry, itchy or flaky scalp by visiting, or click

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