November 18, 2010 12:10 ET

Scentsy Wickless Candles Add Scent, Sparkle, Safety to the Holidays

Scentsy's New Scents and Warmers Are Great for Gift Giving and Holiday Decor

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The warm glow of candles is part of the holiday tradition, and it's a wonderful way to create a festive ambiance in the home. Thanks to Scentsy, Canadians can now enjoy all the benefits of candles without the risks. Scentsy's decorative warmers use a 25-watt bulb to melt scented wax, without the risk of an open flame, smoke or soot. With more than 60 festive warmers and 80 engaging scents showcased at, Scentsy is a smart and safe holiday gift for under $40. For the 2010 holiday season these scents, Poinsettia Pine, Christmas Tree, Cranberry Spice, Cinnamon Bear and Pumpkin Roll, make your home smell festive and inviting.

"Candles are a big part of the holiday tradition but the downside is the danger of an open flame in the home," says John Curtis, Vice President of Communication for Scentsy. "Statistics show that candles are to blame for an overwhelming percentage of residential fires. Safety was the initial motivation to create Scentsy's original wickless candle. Scentsy's décor, ambiance and long-lasting fragrances have propelled Scentsy into an international phenomenon."

New for the Holidays from Scentsy

This holiday season Scentsy will introduce Gingerbread, Silent Night, Menorah and Tannenbaum. These warmers will bring delightful new holiday scents into the home including Berry Tart, Christmas Cottage, Gingersnap, Hazelnut Latte and Sentimental Cider! Other holiday favourites include Cranberry Spice, Cinnamon Bear and Pumpkin Roll and classics such as Poinsettia Pine, and Christmas Tree – perfect for homes decorated with artificial trees.

Also new to Scentsy for the holidays is the Scentsy Buddy, a great gift for kids. Choose from six cute plush toys featuring a Scent Pak in one of 15 delightful scents. Whether it's Ollie the Elephant, Lenny the Lamb, Penny the Pig, Mollie the Monkey, Ribbert the Frog or Roarbert the Lion, there's a cuddly companion for the child in your life.

"Studies have shown that there is a strong association between scent and memories," says Curtis. "Scentsy wickless candles help create a perfectly scented backdrop for the holidays. Scentsy fragrances fill a room better than any candle or air freshener, and we only use the finest materials in our Scentsy Bars to create an array of colours and aromas." 

Scents that Warm the Soul!

Simply plug in the Scentsy warmer, turn it on, and place one or more sections of the Scentsy wax bar into the dish. The wax melts, and when you are finished enjoying the fragrance, simply pour the melted wax back into its original packaging. Clean the warmer dish with a paper towel and you are ready for your next Scentsy experience. 

Candle lovers can choose from high quality fragrances, organized into eight categories:

  • Bakery featuring delectable scents like Baked Apple Pie and Coconut Citrus Parfait;

  • Scentsy Café featuring coffee aromas like Cinnamint and Mochadoodle;

  • Scentsy Favourites including Autumn Sunset and Sweet Pea & Vanilla;

  • Romance including enticing fragrances French Kiss and Twilight;

  • Scentsy Man with manly fragrances including Rustic Lodge and Oxford;

  • Spa featuring relaxing fragrances Inner Peace and Fresh Lavender;

  • Tropical with exotic scents Tropical Twist and Pineapple Paradise.

Scent-sible Gifts for Under $40

Follow your nose to one of these great gift ideas, perfect for anyone on your list including the hard-to-buy-for person:

  • Scentsy Full-Size Warmers ($36 each) – Scentsy Full-Size Warmers make a statement in any room. With so many styles, colours and finishes, you can find the perfect match for everyone on your gift list, plus one for you too! 

  • Scentsy Mid-Size Warmers ($30 each) – Less is more with Scentsy Mid-Size Warmers and their simple designs for smaller spaces. These designs and classic finishes are perfect gift giving ideas for dens, offices, dorm rooms, or anywhere you'd like to introduce your favourite Scentsy fragrance.

  • Scentsy Buddies ($30 each) - Great for kids, these cute plush toys feature a Scent Pak in one of 15 available scents. Each Scentsy Buddy comes with one Scent Pak and individual Scent Paks are available for $8.

  • Scentsy Bars ($6 each) – With over 80 beautiful scents to choose from, Scentsy Bars are specially designed wickless candles that melt at a low temperature in Scentsy Warmers. With convenient break-apart sections, you can divide one bar into different warmers or mix and match scents for your own personalized fragrance. 

  • Scentsy Scent Circle ($4 each) – This scented disc hangs freely in cars, lockers and closets, and is packed with fragrance to give weeks of scented air wherever you go. And for the holidays, it makes a "scent-sible" alternative to the traditional gift tag or bow on presents.

  • Scentsy Room Spray ($10 each) – Perfect for closets, linens and hotel rooms, this spray makes an ideal stocking stuffer. One simple spray can fill a room with your favourite Scentsy fragrance. 

Scentsy Takes the Stress Out of Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping can be a stressful, frustrating experience. Scentsy puts the fun back into shopping with Scentsy Parties. Scentsy combines two things people love most about the holidays – spending time with friends and family and hassle free shopping. As a direct-selling company, Scentsy Consultants are experts at staging fun get-togethers so that friends can experience the full selection of more than 80 Scentsy fragrances and the latest warmers. Orders are delivered directly to your door, making it a fuss-free experience.

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About Scentsy

Scentsy, Inc. is a rapidly growing party plan company offering a variety of scented, wickless candles heated in decorative ceramic candle warmers. The simplicity and value of its flameless candle products provide a better alternative to burning wicked candles in the home and office. What began in 2004 in a 40-foot ocean container, on a small sheep farm, is now an international company, headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. Scentsy has more than tripled year-over-year for five years in a row with nearly 70,000 Independent Consultants running home based businesses in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and Canada. 

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