SOURCE: Fort Collins Foreign Car Service

February 19, 2013 03:00 ET

Scheduled Maintenance at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service Can Help Car Owners Avoid Costly Repairs

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwire - Feb 19, 2013) -  Have you been skipping regular maintenance appointments at your local auto shop? Fort Collins Foreign Car Service wants to remind car owners that getting regular maintenance done for your vehicle can save you a lot of money by avoiding more expensive car repairs down the road.

"It makes us feel bad when we see someone come in needing an expensive car repair that likely could have been avoided if they were better about getting regular maintenance done for their car," said Fort Collins Foreign Car Service owner Bill Cooper. "I think the perception is that spending money on maintenance services can be a waste compared to necessary auto repair, but really the opposite is true."

Keeping to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle can keep things running and working smoothly, making it significantly less likely that you will have to shell out the big bucks for an auto repair in the future. Of course, regular maintenance service can't completely eliminate the possibility of a break down, but, it can significantly reduce the likelihood of mechanical failure.

"Our qualified technicians are the best in the business and they can often spot a potential problem and fix it before it becomes a bigger -- and costlier -- issue," said Cooper. "Of course, you have to bring your car to us first," he added. "But, the important thing is to get that regular maintenance done. Whether you bring it to us, a local auto shop near you, or do it yourself if you have the skills, you will definitely see the benefits down the road."

Fort Collins Foreign Car Service has been providing quality auto repair and maintenance services since 1971 and continues to be one of the most highly-rated local auto shops. Cooper, who purchased the business from its founder in 1985, said he is lucky to work with his three trusted auto technicians, who are some of the most talented he has ever seen.

Fort Collins Foreign Car Service provides repair and maintenance services for foreign, as well as domestic, vehicles. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable mechanic, they can be found at 1219 Blue Spruce Drive in north Fort Collins, or online at Feel free to drop in and chat, or call 970-482-4331 with any questions.

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