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July 09, 2014 08:30 ET

School and Campus Violence Response Goes Wearable -- Alert Device From VSN Mobil Can Summon Help Anywhere

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwired - July 09, 2014) - Gun violence on school and college campuses continues at an unprecedented rate. In fact, there has been an incident every ten days according to a report from Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Meanwhile, sexual assault on campus remains a growing concern. At least one in four college women will become victim of a sexual assault during her academic career, according to another report from the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Parents sending their children to school or college now can provide their loved ones with a way to easily summon help if they detect danger. The V.ALRT Personal Alert Device is a small wearable device that works with a smartphone to make urgent calls and send out texts and location information at the press of a button, summoning help, wherever and whenever someone should need it.

The V.ALRT was designed to be both discrete and foolproof. Even if one's phone is out of reach or in a bag, it can summon help wherever and whenever it is needed. This truly innovative device was created by VSN Mobil, a company founded by accomplished executives from Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, Foxconn, General Dynamics and Pininfarina, among others. VSN Mobil plans to pilot the V.ALRT in partnership with Wake Forest University Athletics this fall.

"With V.ALRT, students that witness suspicious individuals or unusual behavior on a school or college campus, or who find themselves in a dangerous situation can simply press the button to summon help from their pre-selected contacts," explains Matt Gordon, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at VSN Mobil. "V.ALRT was designed to be both discrete and foolproof and ensures that help is just a button press away, even if one's phone is in a backpack or out of immediate reach."

More about V.ALRT

V.ALRT is an ergonomically designed device that can be carried discreetly in a pocket or a bag, worn on the wrist, neck, or attached to a keychain. The included standard CR-2032 battery provides up to a year of use.

The device can be paired with any phone supporting Bluetooth® SMART (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) technology. The V.ALRT's customizable, simple companion application is available for both iOS and Android™ phones. Once set up, the V.ALRT can initiate both calls and text messages from the smartphone to three pre-programmed contacts. A customizable text message will indicate that help is needed and also provide location information using the GPS feature on the smartphone (when available).

A Variety of Uses

V.ALRT isn't only for school and campus use -- it was designed to be useful in a wide range of scenarios. For instance:

Active and Secure - When running, hiking or riding a bike, as with a number of other outdoor activities, holding a smartphone is awkward and can lead to pricey repairs, if dropped. Yet, active people who exercise alone want the ability to quickly signal for help if they become injured or feel their personal safety is threatened. V.ALRT is a "go-to" device that can be carried in a pocket, worn around the neck or wrist, or attached to a keychain. Its fall detection feature can also send an alert in a sudden fall.

Connecting Families - With V.ALRT, children can enjoy their independence while parents maintain their peace of mind. Drop the V.ALRT in a backpack or a pocket, or attach it on a helmet and kids have a hotline to mom and dad at the touch of a button. All in an unobtrusive way that won't make him or her the odd kid out.

Homebound No More - Since V.ALRT is paired to a smartphone, and not dependent on a landline or other hardware, V.ALRT can help people with medical conditions stay connected without having to reach for their smartphone which may be tucked away and out of reach. In the yard, at the grocery store, and at home as well, if help is needed, V.ALRT will initiate the smartphone to send the programmed notifications when the button is pushed. When a sudden fall has occurred and the button cannot be activated, V.ALRT's fall detection feature initiates calls and texts from the smartphone to summon help. Slightly bigger than a quarter, V.ALRT is discreet and lightweight to wear, and can even be worn in the shower.

V.ALRT is available for purchase at and for $59.99. There are no monthly or service fees of any kind.

Specifications for the V.ALRT:

  • Size: 32 mm diameter, 10 mm thick
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Environment: Waterproof (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
  • Battery: Comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery that is commonly available and lasts up to one year depending on use.
  • Range: Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows for a range of up to 75 feet indoors and up to 300 feet outdoors between the V.ALRT and the smartphone
  • Accessories: pendant and watch band 

Specifications for the V.ALRT software application:

  • The V.ALRT application is available on iTunes for iPhone®4s/IOS 7 or newer releases and in Google Play for Android™ 4.3 or newer releases
  • To pair the V.ALRT, the smartphone must have Bluetooth ® SMART (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) wireless technology. 

VSN Mobil's founders set out to do something groundbreakingly simple: deliver consumer electronic devices that meet the needs of everyday life. Excitement for this concept attracted a team of some of the most accomplished executives from the most elite companies in the world -- Motorola, Samsung, General Dynamics and Pininfarina, among others. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the company was founded in July 2013 and designs and manufactures devices that are unique in their durability, affordability and design. For information about VSN Mobil and its products, visit

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