December 12, 2011 17:52 ET

SchoolLogic Update on PASI Readiness

ST. ALBERT, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 12, 2011) - SchoolLogic (formerly Management Information Group - MIG) is reporting on their progress on their PASI readiness project, a joint project with Alberta Education and Lethbridge Public School District 51.

Steps toward PASI Compliance

"We are pleased with our development progress and recent conversations with the PASI team from Alberta Education. We are in step 4 of the 9 step process to ensure PASI readiness. SchoolLogic remains committed to our Alberta clients as it has done since 1977. We are committed to the PASI project and to providing our clients a PASI enabled SIS by August 2013", said Jeff Dyck, General Manager.

PASI Usage Agreement

SchoolLogic has been asked by Alberta Education to provide information to our clients that confirm the version of the SIS product being used will be compliant, along with a date the compliant version will become available, in order for school authorities to sign their PASI Usage Agreement. To accommodate this request, we are attaching the information provided by Alberta Education from the vendor. It is our hope that in providing this information, schools authorities will be able to sign and submit their PASI Usage Agreement by Alberta Education's December 31, 2011 deadline. If any further information is required, please contact us at the numbers below.

Revised PASI Schedule

In late October 2011, SchoolLogic met with Richard Evans, vendor coordinator of the PASI team, to discuss Alberta Education's new requirement of Step 4 which was recently added to the process. The new requirement entails all vendors responding to a questionnaire on PASI architecture integration to their SIS. The response includes a formal presentation to the PASI development team.

The added requirement of this presentation has resulted in SchoolLogic and other vendors, in consultation with the PASI team to slightly modify the timelines for the PASI phases. SchoolLogic is now scheduled for our PASI architecture integration presentation on December 13, 2011. In consideration of this, we jointly agreed with the PASI team to move our User Acceptance Testing phase to January 2012. SchoolLogic fully supports this new requirement for the architecture integration and the benefit that this presentation will have to the whole process.

The dates for the various stages of the SchoolLogic are now as follows:

Step 1 - Identify PASI partner, submit MOU to Alberta Learning Complete
Step 2 - Receive PASI certificate from Alberta Learning Complete
Step 3 - Successfully call 1 or more PASI Web Services Complete
Step 4 - Develop System Test In Progress
Step 5 - Update SIRS and SchoolLogic to interact with PASI In Progress
Step 6 - User Acceptance Testing Target Start Date - Jan 2012
Step 7 - Complete PASI Conformance Test Target Start Date - Feb 2012
Step 8 - PASI Pilot in production Target Start Date - Apr 2012
Step 9 - PASI Roll-out to SchoolLogic clients in Alberta Target Date - TBA

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