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February 28, 2012 18:29 ET

Schticky™ Dominates Direct Response TV Charts

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2012) - America's sticky roller has done it again! After last week's skyrocketing climb on the Jordan Whitney list, TV Personality and innovator Vince Offer's Schticky ( has made its way to #14 on the IMS list. Confirmed by television rankings and independent sources, Schticky™ is America's top televised consumer product, proving that Schticky™ is America's favorite sticky roller.

Along with Schticky™ ranking high on the IMS list, the Jordan Whitney list, a direct response television program ranking, just officially reported Schticky™ as #3 on their charts. This is yet another tremendous leap for Schticky™, since it was just ranked #5 on the Jordan Whitney list last week and #50 only two weeks ago.

The generated buzz for the Vince Offer's Schticky™ has been remarkable. This recent boost proves the success of the marketing and viral advertisement provided by the Schticky team. From the infamous television advertisement, to the widespread Internet circulation, it is no surprise that the Schticky™continues to prosper compared to other consumer related products.

About Schticky™

Schticky™ is a reusable silicone roller that removes lint, pet hair and human hair from clothing and other fabrics. The trademark is owned by TV personality and pitchman Vince Offer, who also created and stars in the commercial for the product. Vince's first project, the ShamWow!® a super-absorbent cleaning cloth, sold more than 10 million units worldwide and quickly became a household name. It was followed by a second hit, the Slap Chop® kitchen utensil, which has sold 5 million units to date. Infomercial industry-leader Emson USA is the exclusive US retail distribution partner for Schticky™. For more information about the product, visit or

**The Schticky trademark is owned by Square One Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Any use of the mark or the commercial without written approval by Square One Entertainment, Inc. is a violation of copyright laws.

Commercial credits:
Co-writers: Ken Pringle, Dante Rusciolelli, and Vince Offer.
Directed by: Vince Offer
Produced by: Ken Pringle and Bob Shapiro

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