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October 07, 2011 13:30 ET

Scientist Discovers the Formula for the Perfect Event

- The nation attends over 430 million events and forks out up to GBP 37bn on them each year

- October is the busiest month in the UK events calendar

- Only six per cent of Brits want to take their kids along to an event

WARWICKSHIRE, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - Oct. 7, 2011) - Whether it's the mud at Glastonbury or the nostalgia of a Royal wedding, experts have quantified what makes certain public occasions special, by creating the formula for the perfect event. To view this formula, please visit the following link:

The equation was devised following an in-depth study by major events and conferencing venue, Stoneleigh Park to uncover what ingredients make a festival or event uniquely memorable. From value for money and quality of food served to the dilemma of whether to take along the kids - no stone was left unturned when establishing the formula criteria.

Despite the constant gloom and uncertainty surrounding the economy, Brits attend seven events each year on average - forking out around £85 for each one.* This equates to a national spend on events of up to £37bn**. Approximately a third of us are willing to pay up to £25 to attend an event whilst a surprising one in 10 of us will pay over £100 for the pleasure.

Although the majority of us (46 per cent) prefer to go to an event with a partner or spouse, a surprising 12 per cent prefer to attend alone, whilst only six per cent want to take along the kids. The majority of us (26 per cent) attend an event between the ages of 25-35, whilst men are the biggest event goers.

Our biggest anxiety when attending an event is having to make conversation with complete strangers, with only four per cent of us worried about drinking too much and making a fool of ourselves.

Of the 1,000 event-goers surveyed, the standard of food served at events was a major beef, with around a third (33 per cent) complaining about its quality. For more formal occasions, the classic cheese and pineapple on a stick was crowned the nation's king of the canapé - putting the humble vol-au-vents and quiche firmly in the shade.

Ian Pegler, chief executive for Stoneleigh Park, said: "Whether it's attending the Queen's Jubilee or a local village fete, millions of us go to events each year but we've never been able to put our finger on what makes one more special than the rest - until now. And, with us each splashing out over £600 a year on average to attend events, the quality of the overall experience has never been so important."

Although October is officially the busiest month in the events calendar according to leading events directory, Year Ahead – those surveyed said that July is their favourite month to attend a public event.

Mathematician, Roger Bird who devised the formula on behalf of Stoneleigh Park, added: "How enjoyable an event is can be very subjective, and so the aim of this formula was to quantify what makes certain public occasions live longer in the memory."

Stoneleigh Park spans 800 acres of picturesque Warwickshire countryside, caters for up to 40,000 event visitors per day, and is one of the UK's longest established venues.

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* Figure includes cost of an event ticket, food and other purchases at events

** Figure based on UK population stat of 62,262,000

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