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Sciforma Corporation

February 05, 2014 12:00 ET

Sciforma Unveils Version 6.0

The Web-Based Project Management Provider Introduces the Newest Version of Their Flagship Solution

LOS GATOS, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 5, 2014) - Sciforma, a world leader in web-based project management and project portfolio solution development, has unveiled Sciforma 6.0. In this mobile era with more companies going global, Sciforma 6.0 is geared to meet these ever changing needs.

Tablets, Smartphones and Thin Clients:

Sciforma 6.0 has given the mobile world access to their projects via tablets and smartphones. Users can now access project hours expended and view remaining tasks and expected effort, or view key portfolio indicators while on the go.

These new features were made possible by Sciforma changing technology to HTML5 and the thin client without altering the product's graphical or set-up capabilities. This new technology allows for enhanced personalized customization of dashboards and the input screen for timesheet taking advantage of specific user configurations.

The new technology currently allows users to perform about 70% of their everyday tasks from a tablet or "thin client" computer thanks to Sciforma 6.0's HTML5 client. Sciforma aims to provide 100% of users with this possibility in the very near future.

Sciforma has reworked and rethought the design of their solution with modern, uncluttered and highly intuitive screens. The migration mechanisms have been perfected, making the upgrade to Sciforma 6.0 very simple.

Performance and Users in Distant Locations:

Special attention was given to the usage patterns of global businesses, with teams spread out over several continents, sometimes in remote countries with low speed connections. Sciforma 6.0 is designed to be accessible to all and it therefore takes advantage of the latest advances in network traffic optimization and response time acceleration.

The processing and consolidation of large amounts of data (several thousand or even tens of thousands of projects, resources, etc.) have been accelerated by the use of the latest tools.

Cost Management, SSO and Compatibility with Microsoft Project:

In addition to the technological innovations, functional developments have also been improved in Sciforma 6.0. This includes cost management with the ability to publish financial schedules, differentiate between the "OpEx" and "CapEx" of a project, cost center consolidation, and improved implementation of these features.

Sciforma 6.0 has incorporated SSO (Single Sign-On), a feature that allows a user to log in once and gains access to all systems without being prompted to log in again. Major developments and improvements in its peer exchange capability have been implemented, especially with Microsoft Project. Among these improvements is the read/write compatibility between these two tools for information that they share in common. Sciforma 6.0 lets you exchange your planning schedules with your customers or suppliers, even if they work with another project management system.

About Sciforma

Sciforma recognizes every company is unique. Our customized software solutions are used by a quarter million people worldwide and are offered on-site, hosted or SaaS. Sciforma 6.0 can be tailored to fit your company's PPM environment ensuring your processes and methodologies are followed. 

Sciforma 6.0 is web-based and it gives you extensive insight into all your projects and resources across the enterprise regardless of your geographical location. Its 5 key features are Portfolio Management, Project and Resource Planning, Time Tracking, Reports and Collaboration for your projects. 

Sciforma offers different packages with Sciforma 6.0 such as Start with PPM (based on the PMBOK methodology), Agile/Scrum, and NPD (New Product Development). Sciforma now offers plug-ins to Google Calendar, Jira, Salesforce, Sharepoint and Yammer. Sciforma 6.0 is available on-site, hosted or SaaS.

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