Scoring Your Day

Scoring Your Day

October 31, 2006 10:00 ET

'Scoring Your Day'...A True Innovation for Achieving Greater Success and Happiness

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 31, 2006) - Sometimes innovations can come from obscure and unheralded sources. Who ever heard of the Wright Brothers before they were audacious enough to fly without so much as a PHD in Avionics to fuel their credibility? All disciplines have their innovations that come out of left field, and those that failed in their attempt. Progress is sadder for those true steps forward that died unnoticed.

For instance, what if somebody came up with a new diet concept, perhaps combining avocado and chocolate in the same bowl, that was something totally different than anything anyone had conceived before, and it actually worked! Wouldn't those who could benefit want to know?

'Scoring Your Day' is a self-help innovation. There is nothing that has been written like the concepts it teaches, not even close. Where self-help books tend to be versions of each other with a new metaphor, 'Scoring Your Day' is something totally new and distinct. It is avocado and chocolate, and it does actually work!

'Scoring Your Day' was created as a course, self-contained within a book, designed to impact people's lives without the need to spend 1,000s of dollars and dozens of hours attending classroom sessions. Part of the reason why 'Scoring Your Day' works so well is because it is a full course and not just a quick read.

At the core of the 'Scoring Your Day' course is a daily journaling page where the user learns to score their day out of '10' points in 5 distinct categories (covering every important aspect of success, happiness, relationships and health), for a total of 50 points. Scores become a way of bringing tangibility to the day. Scores are comforting, providing motivation and perspective. Most of us see occasional examples of how scores can serve in our own lives as gauges, for instance our golf score or our weight.

Think back to school when we pored over our notes for hours before an important exam. In truth, did it really matter to most of us that the four major cloud types are Cumulus, Stratus, Cirrus and Nimbus? Were we worried that someday we would need to have this knowledge, with an important relationship or our career being at stake? Were we at all concerned that 20 years from now they would be laughing at us behind our back, the person who didn't know what a Cumulus cloud is? More likely our motivation and why we pushed ourselves to excel was because of the score we hoped to achieve on our exam.

So if scores did so much to inspire us during school, on the golf course and with our weight, why not use them as the motivational fuel for the other parts of our lives as well?

The power of the 'Scoring Your Day' system also lies in how forgiving it is. Each day is individual, providing a fresh score card and new opportunity, making the system easy to continue, even with normal setbacks. Days with disappointing scores become learning possibilities. 'Scoring Your Day' is less about results achieved and more about creating a mindset that will lead to higher scores, then reflect back in more happiness, financial success, perspective, improved relationships and however else the reader defines 'success' for themselves. By reading the course and doing the exercises, users will learn about the scoring system and how to keep their own scores. At the same time this course is much more about the process of 'improving scores' and in so doing multiplying happiness and success, than it is just about how to keep score itself.

The 'Scoring Your Day' course has 16 sections, one to complete each day. At the end of each section are exercises, including a 'One Day Exercise' in which the reader tries out a new behavior or attitude for each day. For instance, in the opening exercise the reader defines their own 'Object of the Game' in no more than 50 words, which then becomes an integral part of their daily scoring process. For most people defining their own objects brings clarity, focus and intention into their daily life. The final exercise of the book is a Scavenger Hunt in which the user creates a list of 10 self-chosen items that when acquired will symbolize dreams fulfilled, objectives met, fears conquered and success and happiness achieved as the user defines it. The idea is that when these 10 items are found the user then enjoys the life which they aspire to.

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