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June 28, 2011 08:00 ET

Scotiabank Mexico Takes It to the Bank With Kalido® Data Governance Director™

Data Governance Program Supports Bank's Growth Plans by Directly Impacting Business Process Efficiency

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 28, 2011) - Data Governance and Information Quality Conference -- Kalido, the leading independent provider of data governance solutions, announced today that Scotiabank Mexico has implemented a prescriptive data governance program to positively impact business process outcomes by improving the integrity of the information powering those processes. Over a six-week period, Scotiabank Mexico has focused on defining a key policy for supporting marketing processes targeted at improving preauthorized credit campaigns, an effort that is expected to yield measurable sales lift and profitability to contribute to the company's overall growth.

Susan E. Lewandowski, Business Intelligence Director & Data Governance Head, will be presenting Scotiabank México's experiences at this week's Data Governance and Information Quality Conference in San Diego.

In 2010, with a framework for data governance already defined and a data governance team selected, Scotiabank was ahead of many of its peers. The team, together with data steward partners from the company's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) group, identified a high-value campaign process that could be positively impacted by a systemic improvement in data quality. By focusing first on delivering effective data governance for a specific process, Scotiabank can demonstrate tangible results and capitalize on the anticipated success to drive further expansion and additional engagement across business functions.

"The Kalido Data Governance Director provides a centralized platform for Scotiabank to formalize, document, communicate and actively manage its data policies and the data governance process as a whole," said Lewandowski. "Our goal is to improve the predictability of our business process outcomes and quantify the tangible value that our data governance program can deliver to the business thereby reaffirming the importance of continued and active enterprise sponsorship."

At the outset, the team realized their business information directly impacted the performance and predictability of critical business processes and could therefore drive or inhibit growth. They concluded that by documenting the linkage between data sources and business processes, they could monitor and effectively identify data for remediation before it entered the process. Using the Kalido® Data Governance Director™, they are documenting those relationships as policies that will serve as the enterprise foundation for a continuous improvement capability for future intervention.

To meet aggressive timelines, team leaders hosted Scope and Policy Definition Workshops offered through Kalido's Data Governance Accelerator program, which brought together key stakeholders from the bank's CRM and Risk areas to create a structured process for documenting, implementing and monitoring data governance policies. Although the CRM and Risk groups work closely together, their information is maintained in separate areas. Through this data governance program, the teams are jointly defining the relevant data policies that will enable them to monitor and measure the quality of the data and the integrity of the information that goes into their preauthorized credit campaign process.

"The hardest part of getting started with data governance is identifying a business issue that will deliver tangible business value and defining the scope of the initial implementation," said Winston Chen, CTO of Kalido. "Scotiabank had already identified the business process it wanted to affect. With a little guidance, their team has made incredible progress, gaining consensus with multiple departments, securing business involvement and ownership where needed, in order to deliver the data policies that can now be actively managed."

"We made the conscious decision to start our data governance program with one business process -- but we chose one that had the potential to add measurable value at an institutional level," continued Lewandowski. "By actively participating in the policy definition process, our business teams have begun the transition to a better understanding of how data governance can materially affect their business process outcomes."

About the Kalido Data Governance Director
Kalido Data Governance Director provides a sustainable platform for data improvement, delivering trusted information to business processes more quickly. Process owners are able to improve the quality of the data that impacts their process performance, even if they do not directly control the data. Through a combination of pre-defined and customer-defined workflows, robust role and responsibility definitions, and compliance measurement capabilities, the product streamlines policy development and management, contributing to more predictable business process outcomes.

With the Kalido Data Governance Director, business process owners finally have a means to unify process excellence and trusted information to optimize business process performance. By managing, implementing and monitoring data policies and correlating those policies with the business processes they support, organizations can identify areas where better process execution as a result of improved data significantly impacts efforts to generate revenue, adhere to compliance requirements, or contain costs. With trusted data, delivered consistently, organizations can shorten process cycle times, more easily identify the root cause of process breakdowns, and identify potential areas of process improvement.

"Leading companies like Scotiabank recognize that the quality of their data is directly related to better business process efficiency," said Bill Hewitt, president and CEO of Kalido. "In the past, governance efforts have been hit or miss, but now predictability has a direct impact on profitability. Scotiabank Mexico's experience is just one example of how a purpose-built tool -- combined with a committed data governance organization -- can rapidly accelerate the success of a data governance program."

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