SOURCE: Financial Expert Scott Greenlaw

May 22, 2012 14:17 ET

Scott Greenlaw Campaign Continues

Washington, D.C. Born Politician Scott Greenlaw Is Setting Out to Make a Difference to Help Jumpstart the Depressed Housing Market in Numerous Categories Outside of Just Realtors & Mortgage Brokers but All Those Who Are Affected by a Depressed Sales Market

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - May 22, 2012) - Politician Scott Greenlaw is at it again. He wants to ensure that the mortgage market from places in the Pacific Northwest like Seattle all the way out to the east coast starts to see improvement. He is putting his foot down with the most recent announcement to start a campaign that will enable new home buyers to get tax credits based on numerous factors.

The following factors for motivating home buyers such as providing a discount of 1.0% on their adjustable mortgage rate if they provide proof of green or energy efficient alternatives to their home. With incentives to purchase homes at a lower rate we have the opportunity to spur growth and bring home buyers back into the market.

This is economically beneficial to not only home buyers but also to sellers, mortgage brokers, banks who need to unload their inventory, furniture stores, appliance stores, and anybody else who has a tie to the housing market which is a large part of the economy that currently sees a lot of sales emanating from short sales. If more politicians start to push on like Scott Greenlaw is doing than states like California can have a chance to start paying off their economically burdened state.

The biggest initiative that is needed is for home buyers to come back to the market is to give them the proper incentives to motivate them. People always love a sale and what better idea than Scott's that will go out and let you purchase a home for less money and help you save more money because your total energy bill will be lower. With lower monthly expenses simple economics takes place and discretionary income rises which leads to a stronger economy with growth in spending.

It's all one big cycle and Politicians are taking notice of Mr. Greenlaw and his energy saving and economically induced ideas to spur further growth in the economy, especially in an important election year.

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