December 01, 2010 00:43 ET

Scottsdale Based SWIH Receives International Attention at IAAPA

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - December 1, 2010) - The 2010 conference and expo of The International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) was held on November 16-19 in Orlando, FL. One of the most exciting features of the expo is introduction of new products. This year, Scottsdale based company ARC Ware, the makers of SWIH, exhibited their combination bottle holder and body cooler. SWIH, an acronym for "So What It's Hot," is a lightweight and easy to use device that allows a water bottle to be worn at the back of the neck.

The benefit of this bottle holder is that it can also be a body cooler when used in combination with a frozen ½ liter water bottle. The SWIH stands out over existing products as it is the only device that can offer both cooling and hydration. Current products used for cooling purposes, whether it be a neck cooler, mister or fan, do not offer the user a method for keeping themselves hydrated, which is even more important than staying cool. Products that allow a user to carry fluids for hydration do not offer any cooling method. SWIH now solves both problems and is comfortable and convenient.

IAAPA was the first trade show for this up and coming Scottsdale company, and it seemed like a natural place to start as amusement parks and outdoor attractions are well positioned to benefit from this combination device as they can also provide frozen water from their concession stands on hot days. As the water thaws, the user is able to hydrate from that bottle, and when he runs out, the parks can be ready to supply that next frozen bottle. Other added benefits of the SWIH are that it allows the user to be hands free and gives the user a place to park their bottle until they get to a proper recycling receptacle to reduce litter in parks and encourage recycling. 

International attendees of IAAPA were very drawn to the new device with significant interest from European countries, South America, and New Zealand. Domestic parks and zoos were also enthusiastic about the device, not only for attendees but also for staff to stay cool and hydrated. 

The product is made from eco-friendly bamboo fabric, and is currently available in 2 colors and 3 sizes. The bamboo SWIH retails for $15. With such strong SWIH support from the show, the company is now in the works on 10 new colors as well as alternative fabrics that may reduce the retail price by 20%.

SWIHs can be purchased online and at select retailers. Please see for more information.

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