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October 14, 2009 08:07 ET

Scout Analytics™ Continues Rapid Growth as Customers Realize Value of Subscription Analytics

Customer Results Confirm 25 Percent of Accounts Have Untapped Revenue in Online Services

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - October 14, 2009) - Scout Analytics™, the leading provider of subscription analytics to maximize the lifetime value of subscribers, today announced completion of its third consecutive quarter of record revenue growth since going live with the software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering in January 2009. With the addition of 11 new customers this quarter, many from the real estate sector, Scout Analytics is now monitoring and optimizing subscription revenues from more than a quarter million accounts, a 58 percent growth in accounts under management quarter over quarter.

"For online services, growth through new customer acquisition has slowed in 2009, putting renewed revenue focus on the existing customer base," said Mark Upson, president and CEO for Scout Analytics. "One of the untapped sources of revenue for service providers is the monetization of unlicensed use which exists in 25 percent of accounts in the average service. Scout Analytics' unique ability to identify and tap this latent demand has been fueling our growth."

Scout Analytics has especially experienced rapid adoption in the real estate information industry. Today in real estate, Scout Analytics monitors multiple service listings (MLS) used by more than 10 percent of realtors nationwide, totaling more than 117,000 accounts. Since monitoring began, Scout Analytics has discovered, from an aggregated perspective, 24 percent of accounts are being shared with more than 30 percent total excess users.

These findings are in line with other information industries. A Burton-Taylor study conducted in May showed 37 percent excess users in the financial information industry and a $2 billion revenue recovery potential.

Online services today generate more than $110 billion in subscription revenue annually, which is expected to increase dramatically with the influx of SaaS and other cloud-based services. However, market research shows as much as $20 billion in revenue is lost each year due to preventable churn, missed up-sells and overlooked cross-sell opportunities. Scout Analytics is providing new capabilities to pursue this revenue through subscription analytics.

The Scout Analytics Platform

Scout Analytics provides a new brand of metrics that correlates contract data with usage data to quantifying demand. Termed "Subscription Analytics," these metrics enable organizations to make clear decisions by understanding customer value through segmentation, ratings and rankings, and helps them capitalize on customer demand through usage triggers that drive actions to prevent churn, capture up-sell and optimize cross-sell opportunities. Scout Analytics is a purpose-built, highly scalable platform that powers the following core capabilities:

--  Demand Profiler -- collects access and usage data to rate and rank a
    subscriber's demand relative to other subscribers;
--  Opportunity Finder -- detects actionable subscriber demand for
    capturing up-sells, preventing churn and increasing cross-sells;
--  Interaction Manager -- translates insight into communication,
    promotions and customer follow-up to optimize subscription revenue.

About Scout Analytics

Scout Analytics is a venture-backed company located in Issaquah, Washington, that delivers revenue optimization solutions across multiple industries, including real estate, financial information services, SaaS and digital media. To learn more about Scout Analytics, visit or call 425.649.1100.

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