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July 12, 2010 09:33 ET

Scout Analytics™ Dashboard First to Tap Visitor Loyalty Metric to Increase Revenue

The Company's Segment Prediction Technology Improves Targeting With Engagement Metrics

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - July 12, 2010) -  Scout Analytics™, the leader in behavioral analytics for digital publishers, today announced the availability of Scout Analytics Dashboard with the industry's first segment prediction technology. Using a patent-pending visitor loyalty metric called Demand Rating™, segment prediction identifies targeting attributes in visitor profiles that equate to high or low levels of engagement. Segment prediction also provides accurate reach and frequency predictions to create differentiated, high-performance segments. Segment prediction enables publishers to optimize either subscription or ad revenue by aligning campaigns and engagement profiles. 

 "In targeting, there are two important variables: who and what," said Matt Shanahan, SVP of strategy for Scout Analytics. "Scout Analytics Dashboard fills a critical gap in optimizing performance of publishers' campaigns. It answers the questions of 'who is engaged? and why?'"

Most publishers lack tools that give them critical understanding of what drives engagement. The consequence has been a reliance on intuition or anecdotal feedback to define and target visitor segments. Scout Analytics Dashboard fills this gap for publishers by providing segment prediction to answer the question of who is most engaged and why. Leveraging a patent-pending loyalty score called Demand Rating™, Scout Analytics Dashboard is able to measure engagement at multiple levels:

  • Visitor Demand Rating -- Relative loyalty scores are created for each individual visitor. The score allows a publisher to know which visitors are the most engaged compared to other visitors.
  • Organization Demand Rating -- Loyalty scores of individuals are aggregated to create a loyalty score for a company or institution. The scores allow a publisher to know which organizations are the most engaged compared to other organizations.
  • Segment Demand Rating -- Loyalty scores of individuals and organizations are aggregated for segments. The score allows a publisher to know which segments are the most engaged compared to other segments.

Within Scout Analytics Dashboard, segment prediction compares differences between individual visitors to find out why their ratings are different. Segment prediction allows a publisher to identify the attributes within a profile of organizations and individuals with high and low loyalty scores and create segments for targeting in campaigns and programs. Segment prediction includes:

  • Demand Navigator -- The distribution of ratings can be examined based on attributes from demographics, behavior, content, or other factors associated with individuals or organizations.
  • Demand Spotlights -- The profile attributes that have the highest average rating and lowest ratings are highlighted and summarized to accelerate analysis.
  • Segment Manager -- Using any combination of profile attributes, segments can be defined, saved, and managed for use by ad servers, sales automation, or marketing automation.

Segment prediction optimizes both subscription and ad revenues for publishers. For paid-content providers, segment prediction helps account managers identify which customers are at risk of defection and which customers are prospects for additional licenses. For ad-driven media, segment prediction provides ad operations the ability to package and price audiences to match the growing demand for audience buying.

In addition to tracking individual visitors, Scout Analytics Dashboard also creates a better approach to segmenting B2B customers in the increasingly dynamic digital landscape. Most tools lack segmentation schemes that will give B2B publishers deep understanding of organizational behavior of their customers. Scout Analytics Dashboard tracks, reports, and analyzes organizational loyalty to enable segment prediction at an organizational level.

"Publishers find themselves in a conundrum. They know that better targeting will improve performance of their campaigns and programs, but many web analytics tools can't give them insight into what segments should be created," says John Lovett, Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified. "The Scout Analytics Dashboard is different. The solution allows publishers to predict how different segments of visitors will engage. The result is that a publisher can continuously align and refine the right visitor segment to the right campaign or program at the right time."

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