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November 25, 2009 10:40 ET

Scrip Dividend Alternative and Director's Shareholding

                                           TradeLabs PLC
                                  ("TradeLabs" or the "Company")
                        Scrip Dividend Alternative/Director's Shareholding
Scrip Dividend

The  Directors of TradeLabs (PLUS ticker - TLAP)  would like to correct an error in the  Company's
announcement  dated 2 November 2009 regarding the issue of shares pursuant to the Company's  scrip
dividend  alternative.  The total number of new ordinary shares issued was  858,470  new  ordinary
shares not 206,035 ordinary shares as previously announced.

Director's Shareholding

TradeLabs  also  announces that on 13 November 2009, Mr Niraj Goel, an Executive Director  of  the
Company,  sold  25,000 ordinary shares at a price of 24.5p per share, on 18 November  sold  50,000
ordinary shares at a price of 24.5p per share, 100,000 ordinary shares at a price of 25p per share
and on 20 November sold 50,000 ordinary shares at a price of 26p per share.

These  sales  were  executed strictly in order to satisfy the requirement of the  PLUS  Rules  for
Issuers  and to maintain liquidity in the Company's shares and to ensure that there is an  orderly
market in the Company's shares.

As  a  result  of  the  above sales, Niraj Goel now holds a total of 184,124,981  ordinary  shares
representing 81.43% of the issued share capital and the total Directors share holdings  now  stand
at  184,305,731  ordinary shares representing 81.51% of the issued share  capital  of  226,121,331
ordinary shares.

The Directors of TradeLabs are responsible for the contents of this announcement.


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