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Scuderi Group, Inc.

December 05, 2014 11:56 ET

Scuderi Group Files Patent Application for Compressed Air Energy Storage With Waste Heat Recovery

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA--(Marketwired - December 05, 2014) - Engine development company Scuderi Group, Inc., today announced it filed a new patent application for a waste heat recovery/compressed air energy storage (CAES) system and method that can be implemented with both conventional or Scuderi Split-Cycle internal combustion engine technology.

The Scuderi waste heat recovery/CAES system (described in US patent application no. 62083375) combines a CAES system with its patented dual-output, internal combustion engine generator to capture and store energy from the waste heat that is normally lost during the combustion process. (See Fig. 1) While waste heat recovery has traditionally been used for delivering heat energy to an end user, this system enables the waste heat to be combined with compressed air energy that can then be used to produce electric power in the future when the cost of grid electricity peaks.

Along with lowering electric costs and increasing generator system efficiency, this system can help level-load the grid by "load shifting." That is, by storing the energy load at night when the cost per kilowatt-hour is low, the end user then does not have to rely on the grid during the day when electric demand and cost is high. Further, this load shifting would help provide relief to regional and municipal grids that are strained during peak daytime hours to meet electric demand.

"This is another new development in our engine research that can be applied to both conventional and split-cycle generator technology," explained Stephen Scuderi, vice president and patent attorney for Scuderi Group. "By combining the waste heat energy from our generators with the compressed air energy stored in our CAES system, it is possible to convert both energy sources to electric power. We believe this will give a big boost to energy efficiency and help lower electric costs."

This adds to the current Scuderi Group Patent Portfolio containing hundreds of patents and patent applications, which are issued or pending in several countries.

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Scuderi Group, Inc., is an engine development company that has advanced the design of the internal combustion engine through its split-cycle engine technology known as the SCUDERI™ Engine. Through its engine development, power generation and energy storage engineering efforts, the company has discovered new ways that split-cycle thermodynamics can potentially increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions beyond what conventional engines achieve today. Additionally, the Scuderi Engine provides the manufacturability and power density required by the world's largest engine manufacturers without the use of exotic parts or changes to the conventional engine block. Scuderi Group holds a patent portfolio that contains hundreds of patents and patent applications issued or filed worldwide. Scuderi Group is headquartered in West Springfield, Mass. For more information, visit

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