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September 02, 2010 09:22 ET

SDA (Stearidonic Acid) Soybean Oil Increases the Omega-3 Index: Study Published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

SDA Soybean Oil Is a Plant-Based Omega-3 That Efficiently Converts to Heart-Healthy EPA in the Body

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - September 2, 2010) - SDA Soybean Oil Is a Plant-Based Omega-3 That Efficiently Converts to Heart-Healthy EPA in the Body

 A clinical study confirming dietary intake of SDA (stearidonic acid) soybean oil increases the omega-3 index, is published in the current issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. SDA soybean oil is a sustainable, plant-based omega-3 fatty acid that can increase tissue concentrations of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. The study results revealed that SDA soybean oil raised red blood cell EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) concentrations and increased the omega-3 index.

The omega-3 index is a diagnostic test that measures the amount of long-chain omega-3s in red blood cells and is an emerging marker for risk of sudden cardiac death. Marginal increases in the omega-3 index can significantly reduce the risk for sudden cardiac death. Until now, only the consumption of fatty fish and fish oil supplements has been shown to have the potential to increase the omega-3 index.

"The results of this study confirm that SDA is efficiently converted in the body to heart-healthy EPA, thus increasing the omega-3 index," said Elaine Krul, Ph.D., an author of the study and lead of molecular nutrition at Solae. "This is significant because current plant-based omega-3 sources have not shown this efficient conversion, and marine-based omega-3 sources pose challenges for food companies to work with as an ingredient."

Long-chain omega-3s have been scientifically shown to play an important role in supporting heart health. Data show that many consumers are not getting adequate amounts of long chain omega-3 fatty acids in their daily diets. Currently, nutritionally efficient sources of dietary long chain omega-3s are limited to selected types of seafood, algae, and supplements. Upon the completion of the regulatory process, SDA soybean oil will be available as a food ingredient that can be incorporated into great-tasting everyday foods. 

"SDA soybean oil will serve as an alternative, sustainable source of omega-3s that could help close the current gap between the recommended and current intake of long chain omega-3 fatty acids," said Shawna Lemke, Ph.D., an author of the study and global human nutritionist at Monsanto Company.

This was a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind multicenter study in which 252 overweight subjects were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 treatments for 12 weeks: 1 g encapsulated soybean oil/day plus 14.7 g liquid soybean oil/day to be mixed in food (control group); 1 g encapsulated EPA/day plus 14.7 g liquid soybean oil/day (EPA group); and 1 g encapsulated soybean oil/day plus 14.7 g liquid SDA soybean oil/day, providing 4.2 g SDA (SDA group). Subjects consumed treatment oils in exchange for other oils in their diet.

This study was supported by Monsanto Company and Solae. The companies are collaborating on the development and marketing of SDA soybean oil.

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