December 17, 2013 09:00 ET

SDL Partners With Capax Global to Launch Sonic Extractor With Automated SDL Translation

Sonic Extractor Will Help Companies Deliver a Local, Contextualized Customer Experience at a Fraction of the Cost

MAIDENHEAD, UNITED KINGDOM and MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY--(Marketwired - Dec. 17, 2013) - SDL (LSE:SDL), a leader in Customer Experience Management, and Capax Global, a leader in mobile systems integration, have today announced the launch of Sonic Extractor, a robust speech-to-text digital signal processing (DSP) appliance with automated translation, powered by SDL. Sonic Extractor will make market-leading translation more widely available than ever before.

Multinational companies are developing even greater volumes of multimedia content, and there is a growing requirement to translate this content into more languages than ever. The number of languages customers are asking SDL to translate has increased by 115 percent in the last five years. These trends are driving demand for technology that can make multimedia and audio content local, relevant and contextualized as brands look to engage with audiences in their preferred language and deliver a positive customer experience.

Capax Global's Sonic Extractor can convert live or pre-recorded audio or video assets in multiple languages into text in real time. By integrating SDL's leading machine translation technology, any multimedia content can then be translated instantly with a 90+ percent accuracy rate.

"We're extremely excited about this partnership. By embedding SDL's machine translation technology, the new Sonic Extractor has dramatically opened up the market and will make fast, accurate translation accessible to a much wider audience," said John Baiocco, CEO of Capax Global. "We were looking for a high-quality and fast translation solution that could cater to a global audience, and SDL's machine translation technology ticked all of the boxes."

"Across every market, today's customers expect to engage with businesses in their own local language. This makes delivering a localized, relevant customer experience more important than ever, and we are delighted to be partnering with Capax to make the translation and localization of multimedia content easier and more cost-effective than ever before," said Mark Lancaster, CEO and Founder, SDL. "The Sonic Extractor demonstrates SDL's dedication to providing superior customer experience solutions and is a testament to the power of our machine translation technology."

For more information on Capax Global, please visit the SDL Partner Page for Capax Global.

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Capax Global is a Premier SDL Partner for the customer experience management solutions. Our teams of experts offer world class professional and managed services on SDL Tridion, SDL Smart Target, SDL LiveContent, SDL Media Manager, and SDL Automated translation. With offices in the US, UK, and EU, Capax Global extends its reach to a worldwide scale of customer experience management clients. We are leaders in .Net and JAVA architectures. Capax Global is the only SDL Partner that offers complete turnkey managed service, SaaS (Software as a Service), and support for the Content Management, Digital Asset Management, and Automated Speech to Text Translation. Our unmatched professionalism, technical expertise and speed of solution delivery have put us in high demand as one of SDL's most requested and utilized partners.

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