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September 10, 2009 08:01 ET

Sea 2 Sky Announces Update on Torrefaction Strategy

Torrified Wood to offer 30% less pollution to manufacturing facilities

FERNDALE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwire - Sept. 10, 2009) - Sea 2 Sky Corporation (OTCBB:SSKY), a leading edge Renewable Bio-Energy Company, wishes to update its shareholders with respect to its Biomass and Torrefaction implementation. Torrefaction is a scientifically proven method for improving the properties of Biomass as a fuel. The end result of Torrified pellets is the formation of a solid product that retains approximately 70% of its initial weight and 90% of the original energy content. Sea 2 Sky plans to apply this technology to increase the energy output in Biomass products and to provide a coal like product with significant environmental advantages. Sea 2 Sky is currently exploring and evaluating several alliances pertaining to the Torrefaction method to best position itself and plans to market the Torrefied Biomass to existing coal factories to be co-fired in a pulverized coal boiler.

Torrefied Biomass facts and properties:

- Hydrophobic nature: the material does not regain humidity in storage and therefore unlike wood and charcoal, it is stable and with well defined composition.

- Lower moisture content and higher calorific values as compared to unprocessed Biomass.

- Exhausts less emissions when ignited in end user applications and can be produced in a desired shape and form.

- Higher density and similar mechanical strength compared to the initial Biomass.

- Suitable for various applications as a fuel - in the steel industry, combustion, and gasification.

- Torrefied products can substitute charcoal in a number of applications such as fuel for domestic cooking stoves or residential heating.

- Raw material for manufacture of improved solid fuel products such as fuel pellets, compacted fireplace logs and barbecue briquettes for commercial and domestic uses. Torrefied briquettes have superior combustion characteristic as compared with ordinary briquettes.

- Fuel for industrial uses. Important advantage of Torrefied wood compared to wood is its uniformity. It is as a predictable, flexible fuel with optimum combustion and transport economies. Due to the low moisture content of Torrefied wood, the transport cost is lower and the quality as a fuel better. It is easily packaged and transported thru traditional mechanisms, and thus constitutes an efficient fuel.

About Sea 2 Sky Corporation

Sea 2 Sky Corporation is headquartered in a HUB zone in Ferndale, WA. Sea 2 Sky Corporation is a leading edge Renewable Bio-Energy Company focused on delivering alternative energy solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, governmental agencies and countries around the globe. The Company is continuing to secure the largest concentration of biomass material globally and is backed by a "Special Category Minority Business" which enables it to compete effectively in a substantially growing market. Sea 2 Sky is positioned strategically with alternative energy suppliers of biomass wood pellets to secure long-term supply contracts to develop the products. It is creating a consistent specification that the target markets require to fulfill their energy needs in environmentally sound manufacturing facilities. More information about the Company may be found at

About Special Category Businesses and HUB Zones

The US government has created various incentive programs for certain demographic and minority based businesses in the institutional marketplace to compete with mandates of up to 23% of the US Federal Procurement Budget of $425 Billion for a total market window of $97 Billion. Within these mandates, requirements have been established to provide a strategic plan to have 3% mandated purchase requirements for Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) from the Federal US Budget. Businesses located on a HUB zone are eligible for Federal contracting preferences with the government having a further 3% for contract set-asides to HUB zone-certified companies. Furthermore, small businesses are eligible for Federal contracting preferences with the government having up to a further 13% for contract set-asides to small business companies. Businesses owned and operated by Native Americans are eligible for Federal contracting preferences with the government having a further 5% for contract set-asides.

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