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September 13, 2011 09:25 ET

Seafarer Exploration Corp. Discovers Silver Treasure Coins at Salvage Site

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - Seafarer Exploration Corp. (OTCBB: SFRX), a company focused on the archaeologically-sensitive exploration and recovery of historic shipwrecks, announced today that it has recently discovered a few small silver coins and pieces of coins off of Juno Beach, Florida. Seafarer has also located other interesting artifacts in the area. Seafarer, along with Tulco Resources, Ltd., has a three year permit from the State of Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research to perform recovery operations in a specified permit area off of Juno Beach.

Rachel Murrell, a diving archaeologist for Seafarer who found three of the silver coins, said, "Since receiving our salvage permit, we've approached the site from a different angle with different salvage techniques and it is beginning to pay off. We have been able to overcome obstacles and have discovered some incredible artifacts including several coins and coin pieces. I am excited to see what else our salvage site will yield in the future."

John Fitzgerald, the lead archaeologist for Seafarer, noted, "After the appropriate conservation and cleaning procedures were completed, it was determined the first silver coin found (artifact #00216) is part of a silver coin minted in Mexico between the years of 1572 and 1733. The only markings visible on the obverse side of this coin are the upper portion of the shield with the left upper box containing a castle. This castle represents the province of Castile in Spain and, along with the lion that would normally be to the right of the castle, represents the province of Leon, Spain. Together they symbolize the two provinces joining to become a united Spain. All of the Spanish Coats of Arms used as shields on the obverse side of Spanish coins, known as 'cobs,' from the year 1556 to 1746 have the castle in the upper right corner."

Fitzgerald continued, "On the reverse side of the coin one can just make out a portion of a Florenzada cross. This type of cross was only used by the Mexico mint on silver coins between 1572 and 1733. The Cruz Florenzada or 'Flowered Cross' can be identified by the ball at the pinnacle of the arms of the cross."

Kyle Kennedy, CEO of Seafarer Exploration, said, "We are pleased with the discovery of these coins and we believe that we are just getting started. Mr. Fitzgerald is studying the other coins for additional clues to help determine the history behind them. Additionally, we have located several other artifacts, including what appears to be part of the ship's tiller and a hollowed out cannonball that may potentially be an early grenade type weapon. These artifacts and others allow us to speculate that we may be retrieving items from the upper deck. We will continue working diligently to continue to explore this exciting area in an effort to further the public's knowledge of the history of the site and we look forward to our next discovery in our quest to build shareholder value."

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