SOURCE: SeaMax America, LLC

July 09, 2012 09:00 ET

SeaMax America, LLC Introduces the M-22

Flying for the 21st Century

GREAT NECK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 9, 2012) - SeaMax America has put the fun back in flying with the introduction of its award winning SeaMax M-22 Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft. The M-22 was awarded Best Fixed Wing Light Sport Aircraft at this year's Sun n' Fun Air Show in Lakeland, Florida.

With more than 125 aircraft produced in the last ten years, the M-22 is the world's premier certified S-LSA amphibious "flying boat." Having take-off and landing requirements of just about the length of a football field, the M-22 is as capable from water and snow as it is from grass and pavement, permitting unique access to both popular and remote destinations.

SeaMax America was founded by licensed pilot Richard Rofé, a successful entrepreneur with a passion for flying and other luxury-sport recreation. "I am thrilled to bring the M-22 to North America and China," stated Rofé. "The aircraft has a proven design and safety record of over 10 years and represents the perfect solution to make flying accessible to people who had always perceived owning an aircraft as unattainable because of burdensome financial and regulatory requirements." As an S-LSA, the M-22 pilot requirements are relaxed, consisting only of a sport pilot certificate attainable in just 20 hours of instruction. With a base price of $155,000, the SeaMax M-22 is priced well below a standard general aviation airplane and in line with the industry anticipated Icon A5, which has been in development for 7 years, but is not yet in production.

"The M-22 is also easy to fly and maintain," Rofé added. "There's nothing like taking off from NYC for lunch in East Hampton, and then being back in the office for an afternoon meeting all for $25 in fuel. The SeaMax has not only changed my career, but my life."

The SeaMax M-22 cruises at over 100 knots per hour equipped with the tried and true Rotax 912S engine, burning a mere 4-5 gallons of aviation or regular automotive fuel. It has adjustable Recaro seats and holds 26.5 gallons -- providing a range of over 550 nautical miles. With its folding wing design, the M-22 can be stored virtually anywhere... a dock, driveway or even on a yacht. The folding wing feature also allows for easy transport on a trailer.

SeaMax America, LLC is the exclusive importer for North America and China and is based in Great Neck, New York. For more information on the M-22 and SeaMax America, please visit the company's website,

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