SOURCE: Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc.

March 16, 2006 08:45 ET

Seamless Peer 2 Peer Achieves Secure Private Network (SPN) Development Milestones

SPN Drives IP Peer Data Transfer Through Proxies and Firewalls, Providing Users Secure Access to Any Networked Resource Regardless of Location or Network

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 16, 2006 -- Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. (OTC BB: SLWF) subsidiary Seamless Peer 2 Peer, Inc. announced today that with development partner OrionsWave an important milestone in development of Secure Private Network layer technology for the company's Phenom™ P2P secure collaborative communications software has been achieved.

The Seamless P2P SPN layer allows transmission of data to peers in a transparent manner in conventional IP networks in such a way that information can be shared among peers even if one or more peers are behind proxies, Firewalls, or NATs. The SPN layer is a fully extensible platform that will be integrated into Phenom 3.0 as well as future Seamless products.

SPN technology is applicable anywhere a need for secure transparent P2P or lightweight VPN is required, and the SPN layer can be plugged in allowing for rapid development of network applications without building full network layers. Once SPN technology is integrated into new applications the application will inherit all the benefits of the SPN layer such as private networking, FIPS compliant encryption and peer-to-peer communication thru NATs, proxies and firewalls.

"In addition to being a significant technological achievement," said Lucanas Rippy, President of Seamless Peer 2 Peer, "proving the functionality and verifying the security inherent in our SPN layer technology keeps us on schedule with our stated goal of integrating SPN into Phenom 3.0 for launch by the end of the second quarter of 2006."

Nils Lahr, CEO of Seamless P2P development partner OrionsWave, said, "Seamless' SPN Network Layer is the first non-application specific P2P virtual private network solution. Unlike all other solutions in this space, the proprietary SPN solution from Seamless stands alone in its ability to instantly enable any networked application without any code changes to communicate in a secure P2P mode. This removes the typical user barrier of wanting to get a job done but not being able to connect to the resources necessary due to firewalls and other networking barriers. A Seamless SPN user can securely access any networked resource regardless of their location or network."

"We are very excited about the new SPN layer as it is a giant leap forward in peer to peer technology allowing us to deploy sophisticated applications that seamlessly integrate features in a secure & transparent manner," stated Chris Akins, Chief Technology Officer, Seamless P2P. "Not only for our Phenom product line but for other products currently on our drawing board."

Seamless Peer 2 Peer, Inc. entered into a software development agreement with OrionsWave to ensure final release integrity of Phenom™ P2P secure collaborative communications software in January of 2006.

Phenom™ Encryption Software V3.0 is a Peer 2 Peer Virtual Private Network for Wi-Fi networks, LANs and WANs that provides Chat, Peer-Mail, File Transfer and Remote PC Control applications. Phenom utilizes public-key authentication and encryption using the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. is an aggregator of Wi-Fi products and services based in Las Vegas operating two complementary subsidiaries, Seamless Peer 2 Peer, Inc. and Seamless Skyy-Fi, Inc. Seamless Skyy-Fi is forging a network of Wi-Fi Hot Spots in targeted geographic and vertical markets across the country and has achieved initial success in the hotel Wi-Fi provision market. Seamless Peer 2 Peer developed and is marketing its patent pending Phenom™ Virtual Internet Extranet encryption software for secure business and government network communications. Phenom provides SOX and HIPAA-compliant secure peer mail, chat, file transfer, and remote PC access in a two-megabyte download. Phenom's API also supports secure VoIP telephony, video conferencing and white boarding.

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