March 16, 2009 11:20 ET

Searchlinqs and Whetstone Sign Strategic Partnership

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 16, 2009) - Jim Bensimon and Ian Korman, President and Chief Executive Officer respectively, Searchlinqs Inc. (, today announced a strategic relationship with Whetstone Inc. ( Whetstone works with chief executives and business owners to help them build cohesive, client-driven organizations resulting in greater value for their customers and greater demand for their goods and services.

Today, more than ever before, companies are struggling to remain relevant to their customers. The current economic climate creates an environment in which executives are fearful about spending money. This fear translates into reducing the number of suppliers they do business with and refusing to enter into new suppler relationships. As the market shrinks, vendors are suddenly finding themselves in a hyper-competitive environment. Sales and marketing must now show tangible and measured results.

Searchlinqs and Whetstone's partnership will deliver sales and marketing solutions that optimize sales results by ensuring they align with the natural cycle of buyers. Searchlinqs' powerful internet advertising expertise will deliver highly motivated buyers to the sales funnel. Whetstone's buyer-oriented and strategic sales processes will ensure that these leads are effectively converted into highly profitable deals ensuring a strong, tangible and immediate ROI.

"We're delighted with our partnership with Whetstone Inc," said Maor Daniel, Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Searchlinqs. "As a leader in internet advertising and search engine marketing in specific, we take great pride in ensuring our clients' relevance in today's rapidly changing online world. Looking ahead, we truly believe that our search engine marketing solutions, coupled with Whetstone's vision and strategies will add tremendous value to our clients across North America."

Both companies want to transform the ways business people interact with one another by helping their clients align the "outside-in" voice of their customers with a deep understanding of their own "inside-out" vision and values.

"One of the big benefits of our new partnership is that it will allow our clients to remain strategically relevant to their customers in real, tangible and measurable ways," said Adrian Davis, President, Whetstone Inc. "Searchlinqs' expertise in search engine marketing will capture the natural curiosity that buyers have to find better ways of doing business. Our buyer-oriented sales process will ensure that the natural energy buyers have for solving their problems is harnessed by the sales force and converted into true value for the buyer and more profitable deals. Our joint clients, not only gain from our strategies, but as importantly, our meticulous detail to flawless execution."

About Searchlinqs

Established in 2006 in Toronto, Searchlinqs is an internet advertising company specializing in Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. The company relies on its superior service, insightful expertise and enhanced reporting to deliver the industry's best results to those companies looking to leverage the power of the internet to deliver tangible results to their bottom line. Searchlinqs caters to all companies and segments of the market in North America. With an eye of expanding globally, Searchlinqs has attracted a stellar client listing since inception. Please see for additional information.

About Whetstone Inc.

Established in 2002 in Toronto, Whetstone is a management consulting company specializing in helping chief executives and business owners build cohesive, client-driven organizations. Using a buyer-oriented methodology, the company helps its clients define value from the buyer's perspective and translate that perspective into processes and offerings that drive increased sales and profitability. Please see for additional information.

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