December 05, 2011 08:00 ET

The Season's Top Fashion and Beauty Tips 2011 From Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe for Cooler Weather

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 5, 2011) - The holiday season is a great time to revamp a boring beauty routine. But for many women, it's hard to make decisions and coordinate clothing, shoes, hair and makeup for cooler weather.'s latest article, "Fall Fashion Tips: Coordinate the Season's Best Hair and Fashion Trends," details the season's trendiest shades and hues and gives tips on how to work colors like caramel brown and rich red into a daily wardrobe or makeup palette.

This season, whether a woman is creating an ensemble for work or for play, sophistication is the common goal. A blazer paired with trousers or dark jeans looks polished enough for a classy event, yet casual enough for a mellow get-together with friends. What are some ways to bring a level of sophistication to outfits for the office, to wear during the day and for an after-hours dinner event?

Summer is gone, and most likely so is that sun-kissed glow. But this doesn't mean that a woman has to go through her days with a winter-white complexion just yet. That carefree summer look translates easily into a warm autumn visage with the right combination of neutral, earthy skin tones and subtle, rich eye shadows. Which shades and hues will bring back the fun days of summer without looking out of season?

For women who can't stand the thought of spending an hour each morning on their hair, this season's hair trends will come as a relief. Rather than fussy braids or updos, this season brings simple styles, like loose waves or a bouffant ponytail. Most of these styles are easy to do in just a few minutes, but how can a woman work these into her daily regimen?

Find answers to all these questions and much more on seasonal hair and makeup trends, including fun hair shades for the cool weather and how to choose glosses and eye shadows, at consistently covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

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