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July 21, 2016 16:34 ET

Seattle Scanning Service Offers Sneak Peak at the World of Digitization

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - July 21, 2016) - Micro Com Systems reveals the suprisingly complex process behind document prep in a new website blog.

As a scanning service based in Seattle, Micro Com Systems has experience performing a wide variety of jobs. Providing an A-Z scanning service is an involved process, but one aspect that seems to puzzle many customers is the preparation before scanning and digitization.

"When I am speaking to potential clients about the process of document scanning and digitization, many balk at the prospect of paying an imaging service bureau to perform the document preparation," explains a company representative. "Their thought is that they could easily pull some staples, put the pages in a box, and save themselves hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But it's not quite that easy."

The main focus of document prep is to have all pages scanner ready. This means pulling staples, unfolding pages, smoothing dog-eared corners, rolled edges-and orienting all the pages correctly. It can also include verifying the order of the documents and inserting cover sheets with embedded barcodes to streamline the metadata component of the project.

"Can an organization perform its own document prep? Sure, with guidance and training. We have a few clients that have mastered the skill, but it didn't happen overnight. Many times we have had clients that took the time to do the prep only to find out that we had to re-prep the documents because their work didn't meet our standards.

At MCS Seattle, high quality, well-trained staff are ready to perform the work and attend to every aspect of your document scanning and digitization. To learn more, please contact Micro Com Systems Seattle at 206-248-3191.

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Since 1975, Micro Com Systems has been providing local businesses with Document Management Solutions. Their list of products and services includes: Document Imaging & Management, Archival & Book Scanning, Medical Imaging, OCR, Large Format Scanning, Microfilm Scanning, Aperture Card Scanning, Enterprise Report Management (ERM), High Speed Printing, Capture Software, and Capture Equipment.

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