Second Cup Income Fund

Second Cup Income Fund

September 10, 2009 17:42 ET

Second Cup: Lattes Join Shortlist of Life's Guarantees

Second Cup launches its no-hassle "Latte Guarantee" to patrons

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 10, 2009) - There are few things in life that are guaranteed; however, starting each day with a perfectly hot, flavourful and aromatic latte is now one of them - if you choose Second Cup.

Now at Second Cup cafes across the country, if the latte you purchase is not everything you wish for it to be, you can return it to the barista and exchange it for a new one - no questions asked. The Second Cup Latte Guarantee extends to all of the classic European beverages on the coffee sensations menu including lattes, cappuccinos, moccaccinos and correttos.

"At Second Cup, we pride ourselves on making the perfect latte every time," said Steven Tsambalieros , Chief Operating Officer, The Second Cup Ltd. "We've done our latte research and we know what Canadians want, so now we're putting our lattes where our mouths are and guaranteeing that we can deliver the perfect latte to every guest."

Second Cup's coffee drinks including lattes, are created by baristas who have completed their practical training and have become certified according to Second Cup's standards. These baristas are coffee connoisseurs, with a discerning taste for perfection. The lattes they deliver consist of expertly drawn espresso with a bittersweet, full-bodied taste, steamed milk, that has more body than hot milk and a texture that is firm but not airy, and finally, the microfoam - the key ingredient - smooth, velvety and long lasting with tiny dense air bubbles.

In addition to regular beverages from Second Cup's coffee sensations menu, the Latte Guarantee also extends to the New Dark Chocolate Latte and fall classic, Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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