August 19, 2009 09:00 ET

Second U.S. Patent Issued to Jumptap

Growing Intellectual Property Portfolio Reflects Dedication to Mobile Advertising Innovation and Industry Leadership

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - August 19, 2009) - Jumptap, the leading provider of mobile advertising and targeting solutions, today announced that it was awarded Patent No. 7,577,665 by the United States Patent Office on August 18, 2009.

The patent relates to a computer-implemented method for presenting user characteristic influenced search results via a display of a mobile communication facility, the method comprising the steps of:

(i) receiving at a search facility a textual search request from the mobile communication facility operated by a user, wherein the search request is received over a cellular telephony infrastructure provided by a carrier, wherein the user has a subscription for use of the mobile communication facility with the carrier;

(ii) receiving from the carrier information relating to a plurality of user characteristics derived by the carrier, wherein the plurality of user characteristics are at least:

   (a)  two or more demographics associated with the user, wherein the
demographics are obtained from the billing system of the carrier; and

   (b)  shopping habits of the user as recorded through use of the mobile
communication facility, wherein the shopping habits include views of or
purchases of goods or services; and

   (c)  duration of on-line interactions by the user from using the mobile
communication facility; and

   (d)  usage patterns of the mobile communication facility including past
mobile communication facility transactions comprising click-throughs; and

   (e)  previous search queries entered by the user via the mobile
communication facility; and

(iii) transmitting to the mobile communication facility the search results, wherein the search results are presented to the user on the display of the mobile communication facility based upon the search request initiated by the mobile communication facility, wherein the presentation of the search results on the display are prioritized according to a relevancy based on the information relating to the plurality of the user characteristics.

"The growing momentum of our IP portfolio, receiving our second patent issue just nine weeks after our first, is causing a lot of interest and excitement," said Jorey Ramer, Founder, Vice President of Corporate Development and a named inventor on the patent. "We have invested heavily in mobile advertising invention and technology and it is producing a clear differentiation in the marketplace."

Jumptap's first patent, No. 7,548,915, was issued on June 16, 2009 and relates to a method for presenting an advertisement in association with a web page displayed on a mobile communication facility. The company currently has over 70 published patent applications and anticipates receiving additional patents over the coming quarters. Jumptap works with the GTC Law Group, Webb Law Firm, and Strategic Patents, P.C. in conjunction with its patent applications.

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