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Send  A Video to Family Or Friends Thru Facebook , It Is Free

February 25, 2011 12:17 ET

SecretVideo Launches -- Enables Users to Send Video Messages Privately to Their Friends Using Facebook

CHATTANOOGA, TN--(Marketwire - February 25, 2011) -  It would be awesome to be able to send family, loved ones or friends a video from webcam or from uploading a flash video from YouTube for free within Facebook.

SecretVideo now enables the users to have that opportunity. There is a new Facebook app for users called "SecretVideo." It works in just 3 simple steps. In the user browser go to and accept the Facebook app.

Go to the "Send Invitation" to choose the friend/s the user wants to accept the app. Once they have accepted the app then Click on the "Send A Video" Link.

Step 1 Record from SecretVideo or webcam or upload a flash video like the user tube video.

Step 2 Choose the category or occasion of the video using a dropdown menu. The user then may choose the video to be privately sent via SecretVideo or shareable for the user's friend/s to have option to pass to their friends and it starts going viral being passed.

Step3 Choose the friend/s the user would like to send the video to and click the send button.

In the "Archive" section of SecretVideo there is a library of all the user's Secret Videos; the videos that are sent to the user and those videos the user has sent .So the user may replay them when they choose. The user also has a choice to remove them from their archive.

Some Facebook users will want to send a video to more than 5 ( default limit) friends at a time. So SecretVideo offers an upgrade option plan for users to pay a small fee to send 35 friends the user video at a time. Just click the "Upgrade To SecretVideo Pro" and choose the user preferred upgrade plan. SecretVideo offers through the "Help" link basic demos to help show how to send and manage archived videos, and this is also available at

Many Businesses, especially the music and entertainment industry, can take advantage of "SecretVideo" as well. SecretVideo has integrated a banner advertising system for businesses to manage and control the advertising on their SecretVideo page that is sent virally from friend to friend. Just click on the blue banner located above the header advertisement.

Begin by creating an account within our ad system. Businesses can purchase header, footer and video ad space. Create the keyword/s for the purchased ads .The keywords will later show up in the occasion dropdown when they go to SecretVideo and prepare to send their business video.

Businesses will be able to login and check their traffic on ads anytime after they have created the initial account and have ordered ad space. It is recommended that businesses obtain a header and footer and video ads per each keyword to be applied to each video they plan to send.

When the Video through SecretVideo within Facebook includes the businesses' advertising coupled with their video as it is passed or shared to friends, otherwise generic placeholder ads will display in place of non purchased ads space.

Imagine how quickly a shareable video can get around. If a video is sent to 5 friends then those 5 friends instantly pass to 5 of their friends, that equals 25 friends, then shared matrix can really very quickly surpass the imagination.

Enjoy sending a Happy Birthday, a smooch to a loved one in the military or send a SecretVideo video to the user family or friend or loved one. SecretVideo is working on the mobile versions for android cell phones currently.

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