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April 24, 2013 10:49 ET

Seculert Unveils Free Cloud-Based APT Protection Platform

Combining Big Data Analytics With Crowdsourced Security Acumen, Seculert's Offering Integrates With Existing Security Solutions to Combat Advanced Persistent Threats With No Hardware and No Software Required

PETACH TIKVA, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - Apr 24, 2013) - Seculert, the cloud-based advanced malware detection company, today announced the availability of its free Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) protection solution. Seculert is a pure cloud service with no software or hardware installation, so users can start effectively protecting themselves from APTs within minutes.

The new free plan is based on Seculert's flagship service, a unique solution that automatically finds malware across an entire organization's cyber footprint, including laptops, mobile devices, remote employees and external partners. Seculert monitors and correlates traffic from live botnets and internal logs. Organizations can benefit immediately from Seculert's discovery of actual attacks that have gone undetected by legacy security measures.

"If you take a look at some of the recent attacks that have made headlines, like Mahdi or Shamoon, the common thread is not the advanced nature of the attack, but rather the attack's persistence," said Dudi Matot, co-founder and CEO of Seculert. "For this reason, we have decided to make a free version of our product available with no time constraint. Users will have unlimited time to access the service and be alerted when unknown malware is discovered. The platform provides a potent additional security measure while eliminating the hassle of yet another appliance deployment."

Seculert's free offering includes unlimited IPs, administrators and domains, as well as full details for up to 25 attacks for various types of users and devices, including internal and remote employees, partners and customers. Users have access to an easy-to-understand dashboard, delivered via web browser, that provides comprehensive threat analysis, in addition to email notifications, and some updated criminal servers. A RESTful web API, full attack details and complete criminal server lists are available for paid users.

Seculert is a non-intrusive, powerful enhancement to an enterprise's existing security infrastructure. It is designed to provide additional cloud-based malware detection capabilities which complement on-premises security products, and which loop augmented data back to those on-site systems. Deployment is simple and instantaneous, with no need for new appliances or changes to the corporate network.

Seculert's Free Plan is available immediately. For more information or to register, visit

About Seculert
Seculert is a unique cloud-based advanced malware detection service. Seculert uses an innovative big data engine to discover malware and advanced persistent threats (APT) that have gone undetected by existing security solutions on corporate devices and networks. Seculert is the only industry solution that operates outside your network to detect advanced malware both inside and outside your network, including remote employees and partners. The company has developed patent-pending cloud-based technology that provides early detection of advanced malware and strengthens enterprises' existing security infrastructures, enabling fast and cost-effective deployment. For more information visit

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