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July 09, 2015 10:46 ET

Secure Channels Inc. MFA Platform Honored With MVP Award From Computer Technology Review

"Visual" Multi Factor Authentication That Secures Access to Critical Data With Visuals, Sounds and Gestures Is Honored by Leading IT Industry News Publisher

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 9, 2015) -  Secure Channels Inc., the Technology Innovators™, today announced that the company's patented SUBROSA™ multi-factor authentication has been honored by Computer Technology Review as winner of an MVP Award, recognizing leaders within the IT security space.

SUBROSA, the company's Simple User Based Resource Oriented Segmentation Architecture, is a "hardened and personalized" authentication system that uses visual, gesture, and auditory password input in securing cryptographically generated keys. The user interacts easily with their device on the SUBROSA MFA Platform; working against a highly-secured backend system of Authentication, Encryption, Integration Systems and Device Logic, to create a Digital Identity token to establish absolute UIT™ (User Identity Trueness). This "True and Absolute" Digital Identity is saved as an un-hackable token, enabling secure payment transactions, secure access to critical information and the "future proofing" of an individual's biometric information.

Secure Channels encryption technology was reviewed and selected for the prestigious publication's 2015 Most Valuable Products list based on criteria such as solution effectiveness, innovation and usability. A big part of the innovation comes from eradicating any chance a hacker may have at compromising the user device (Phone, Pad, and Computer), where multiple factors of authentication are established against different distributed security systems. Wrapped in a very effective, easy to use and fun system; the user stays completely safe, while the hackers don't stand a chance.

"Authentication is surely among the most essential components of data security, yet the major frameworks for passwords have remained essentially unchanged for years," said Computer Technology Review Editor-in-Chief, Kim Kay. "Just as Secure Channels has fundamentally changed the game with its patented encryption technology, its SUBROSA similarly reshapes and strengthens authentication. Hackers were unable to beat Secure Channels at Black Hat 2014 and at RSA 2015, proof points for SUBROSA that factored into CTR's decision to recognize them with an MVP award."

Secure Channels patented encryption technology, which provides a secure private cloud with public facing subnets for secure storage, terminals, and secure transmission of data that is fully protected and encrypted while data is in motion, at rest or stored, was selected by Computer Technology Review. CTR is a US-based news portal that has been covering the best of IT, specializing in storage, cloud computing, virtualization, data protection, security and leading edge innovation since 1980.

"This recognition of the SUBROSA MFA Platform is both an honor and an acknowledgement that current password systems are all but obsolete in terms of their ability to guard assets," said Richard Blech, president and CEO, Secure Channels, Inc. "Computer Technology Review clearly understands the importance of innovating extensible and unsurpassable multi factor authentication paired with deep encryption as the foundation for securing government, institutional and customer data."

Secure Channels will be demonstrating its encryption technology and security product portfolio at the Black Hat 2015 Conference, August 1-6, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Secure Channels has received several industry awards in a short time including a recent Computer Technology Review 2015 MVP award for its encryption, the 2015 Data Center Insights Summit top award which named the company as one of 10 Security Start-Ups to Watch in 2015 by Network World, and a 2015 Govies Award from Security Products and Security Today for best encryption.

About Secure Channels, Inc.

Secure Channels Inc. is a cyber-defense firm focused on Technology Innovation, creating patented encryption technologies, identity trueness and authentication solutions compatible with every type of data available today. Secure Channels offers its Suite of Solutions and innovative technologies with the ability to create the next level of cyber security to stay ahead of advanced threats.

The company's suite of services and products, founded on its core technologies, are leveraged to define, design, develop and deploy solutions for a market currently under siege from offensive cyber warfare. Fostering innovative disruptive technologies while remaining user-defined has become a cornerstone for Secure Channels.

Its solutions are compliant with government standards and are data and platform agnostic. Its patented processes harden existing encryption systems and envelop resources to render the data unbreakable, and useless to the hacker. Secure Channels provides solutions for mobile, financial institutions, digital currency, healthcare, cloud storage, entertainment, retail and gaming, with products and services offered through our channel partners to the government and the enterprise IT marketplace. 

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