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Secure Channels, Inc.

April 19, 2015 07:00 ET

Secure Channels Inc. Throws Down the Gauntlet With Their Hacker Humbling Technologies Offering a $50K Prize at RSA Conference 2015

Secure Channels Introduces New Products and Dares Any Hacker to Break the Same FIPS 140-2 Encrypted File That 155 Hackers Failed to Break at Black Hat 2014

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 19, 2015) - Secure Channels Inc., the Technology Innovators™, today announced a challenge to any hacker attending the RSA Conference 2015 offering to pay $50,000 to anyone who can break their FIPS 142-20 encrypted file. Hacker Humbling technologies is a technological innovation created by Secure Channels to prevent hacker's use of private sensitive data that has been otherwise breached from the perimeter or from the inside the network perimeter.

At Black Hat 2014, 155 hackers entered a contest to beat Secure Channels and none were able to do so despite aggressive attempts to crack the super enciphered encrypted file. Hackers attending the RSA 2015 Conference wishing to participate in the contest must pick up the USB drive at the Secure Channels booth, the QR code on the drive will take them to a page to register and agree to the contest terms and conditions. Secure Channels' booth is in the OATH Pavilion - Booth #915. The first hacker to beat Secure Channels' encryption will receive a $50,000 payment.

"Of course we believe that any security technology is ultimately hackable with the right equipment and enough time," said Richard Blech, CEO, of Secure Channels. "I cannot speak for others, but with Secure Channels we have done the math. It would take a super computer running 19 quadrillion calculations per second, at 30 times the age of the Universe to break the key set, using the Secure Channels patented encryption process using traditional methods."

Secure Channels has received several industry awards in a short time including a 2015 Data Center Insights Summit top award, being named one of 10 Security Start-Ups to Watch in 2015 by Network World, a 2015 MVP Award from Computer Technology Review, and a 2015 Govies Award from Security Products and Security Today for best encryption.

"Our technology is developed to combat the onslaught and proliferation of breaches," added Blech. "Hackers are engaging in massive offensive cyber warfare against our digital assets."

At RSA, Secure Channels will be demonstrating their Suite of Solutions, answering a market currently under attack by hackers. As the security companies struggle to keep up, Secure Channels deploys a paradigm shift in how sata security is defined; covering a wide array of systems with quality solutions for the mobile device, desktop, data center and the cloud. The award winning "Unbreakable" pedigree of PKMS2™ and SPHERE™ is joined by the WBFDE FPP™ suite, covering data at capture (POS terminals, desktop applications, mobile devices), data at rest (file server, cloud storage - Box, OneDrive, GDrive), data in process (databases - SQL, Oracle, Mongo, Hadoop, and others), and authentication (SUBROSA™ "Humanized" Multi-factor Authentication), all done while deploying a hardened FIPS-compliant key management/lifecycle methodology as the core.

Secure Channels enables wide-adoption and extensibility into private data centers, cloud infrastructure, cloud software and databases worldwide. With a goal of hardening and securing data and its interactions, Secure Channels deploys a holistic strategy to cover the enterprise. Enabling a full suite of on-premise data center (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen), off-premise infrastructure (Amazon, Azure, Rackspace), cloud SaaS providers (Gmail, Office365, Salesforce, Box, S3), and critical data systems (SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop), Secure Channels covers today's modern data center with a quality, efficient, and speedy suite of solutions.

About Secure Channels, Inc.

Secure Channels Inc. is a cyber-defense firm focused on Technology Innovation, creating patented encryption technologies, identity trueness and authentication solutions compatible with every type of data available today. Secure Channels offers its Suite of Solutions and innovative technologies with the ability to create the next level of cyber security to stay ahead of advanced threats.

With its Suite of Services and products founded on its core technologies, Secure Channels creates and leverages it to define, design, develop and deploy solutions for a market currently under siege from offensive cyber warfare. Fostering innovative disruptive technologies while remaining user-defined has become a cornerstone for Secure Channels.

Compliant with government standards being data and platform agnostic, while developing patented processes to harden existing encryption systems and envelop resources in such a way as to render the data unbreakable and useless to the hacker. Secure Channels provides solutions for mobile, financial institutions, digital currency, healthcare, cloud storage, entertainment, retail, and gaming with products and services offered through our channel partners to the government and the enterprise IT marketplace. 

Proximity Technologies, a division Secure Channels Inc., secures data for the Internet of Things (IoT). Secure Channels will be delivering real time analytics, payment processing, and data collection to any mobile platform or device protected with its encryption process. For more information, go to

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