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SecureAlert, Inc.

October 13, 2010 09:20 ET

SecureAlert, Inc. Utilizes ParAccel's Turbocharged Data Mining and Analytic Database for Real-Time Offender Intelligence

SANDY, UT--(Marketwire - October 13, 2010) - SecureAlert Inc. (OTCBB: SCRA), a leader in offender intervention and tracking technologies utilized by public safety agencies throughout the United States and internationally, announces the deployment of ParAccel, Inc.'s analytic and compression technology to utilize data mining and analytic applications in the tracking of offenders and to predict criminal behavior. 

SecureAlert has deployed ParAccel Analytic Database (PADB), the world's fastest analytic database, to transform its ability to track and monitor offenders in real-time and predict criminal behavior. By using PADB's unmatched high performance data warehouse and complex predictive analytics, it enables SecureAlert to offer law enforcement agencies secure, incarceration alternatives to jails and prisons, while ensuring public safety does not suffer. SecureAlert selected PADB because it is emerging as the analytic database of choice for organizations that must make instant decisions through high performance, complex analysis of massive volumes of timely data. ParAccel's solution reduces SecureAlert's data access times for any length or type of queries, helping law enforcement agencies predict criminal behavior and better track and monitor offenders -- all in efforts to prevent violent crimes.

The core of SecureAlert's business is its dedicated Intervention Monitoring Center. The Intervention Monitoring Center is powerful in the monitoring of high risk offenders including gang members, domestic violence perpetrators and sexual offenders. With Intervention Monitoring, SecureAlert's Monitoring Specialists augment officers' efforts by acting as the first line of response when monitoring violations occur. However, not all monitored offenders' unwanted behavior produces alarms. For instance, Gang members can meet with other gang members on new turf, or drug dealers can set up new drug selling locations that are not yet known to law enforcement, or sexual offenders can find new locations to view would-be victims, and thus these areas are not initially set up as exclusion zones. 

The next step in Intervention Monitoring is to discover and detect patterns that seem innocent on the surface, but foretell or silently document the commission of another crime. "The next logical and necessary step in the real-time offender monitoring is to use pattern recognition and predictive analytics to analyze offender behavior that on surface seems to be compliant because the offender isn't producing alarms. Based on over 63,585,000 hours of intervention monitoring experience, we have found many examples of behavior that seems fine, but upon analysis, has turned out not to be the case," said John L. Hastings III, President and Chief Operating Officer of SecureAlert, Inc. He added, "We chose ParAccel because it gives us a solution to quickly conduct complex and real-time analyses and scales to enormous volumes of data. This is critical for a company such as ours, which is in the business of working with law enforcement and corrections to provide alternatives to incarceration, while ensuring public safety. Most importantly, it provides us the opportunity to anticipate behaviors and to change an outcome, in the case of detecting a new crime in process. ParAccel's advanced data mining technology combined with our intervention monitoring capabilities, will allow SecureAlert to provide a level of reliability, offender intelligence and predictive behavior analysis, unmatched in our industry," Hastings said in closing. 

About ParAccel

ParAccel is the developer of ParAccel Analytic Database (PADB), the world's fastest, most cost-effective platform for empowering analytics-driven businesses. ParAccel enables organizations to tackle the most complex analytic challenges and glean ultra-fast deep insights from vast volumes of data. Data-driven businesses in financial services, retail, health care, government and more are taking advantage of ParAccel to tackle critical, time-sensitive questions outside the scope of conventional data warehouses and existing analytic tools.

PADB is a columnar-based, massively parallel processing (MPP) software only analytic database. Designed for businesses seeking data insight at the speed of now without costly investment in proprietary hardware solutions, ParAccel delivers the industry's highest performance against complex SQL workloads and the most challenging analytic queries. True schema-neutral, load-and-go analysis and unmatched price-performance means an accelerated speed to information and ROI.

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About SecureAlert

SecureAlert (website at is a leading edge, patented monitoring, case management and advanced communications Technology Company with a portfolio of services widely utilized by law enforcement agencies, judicial districts and county jurisdictions across the United States, and growing globally. Through its SecureAlert Monitoring, Inc. subsidiary, SecureAlert observes and tracks offenders wherever they may be -- in their car, home or office. SecureAlert offers the only single-piece device which incorporates GPS tracking technology, 90 decibel alarm along with a 3-way voice, text and data communications, all of which interacts with real time intervention monitoring services, which is unrivaled in the industry. The SecureAlert programs allow probationers and paroled offenders to re-enter society by holding them accountable 24 hours a day, every day, supporting rehabilitation initiatives and providing for enhanced public safety, while reducing the overall burdens and costs carried by the criminal justice and corrections systems.

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