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April 14, 2011 11:47 ET

SecureAuth Corporation Expedites the Transition From RSA SecurID to the Next Generation of Authentication: SecureAuth Identity Enforcement Platform (IEP)

Not Just Another Token Replacement Program, SecureAuth's Quick Start Program and SecureAuth IEP Enable Organizations to Shore up Security With Bilateral Authentication While Delivering SSO for VPN, On-Premise Web, and Cloud Applications

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 14, 2011) - SecureAuth Corporation, a leader in identity enforcement for VPN, on-premise, and cloud applications, today announced a Quick Start Program that expedites the transition from RSA SecurID tokens to the SecureAuth Identity Enforcement Platform (IEP). This program addresses the needs of SecurID customers who are concerned about the security implications to their organization as a result of the recent breach at RSA while embracing the latest advances in identity technology. SecureAuth IEP technology innovations include integrated Security Token Service (STS), multiple 2-Factor Authentication options, SSO, and IdM services in a single solution for cloud and on-premise applications and resources.

The SecureAuth Quick Start Program will cost less than $10/per user/year and will include a proof of concept (POC) and/or deployment of one VPN and Web application by the SecureAuth team at no charge for qualified candidates. In addition, SecureAuth will include securing and simplifying access to one application in the cloud! The program will run through the end of September 2011.

"Several vendors are offering a replacement program for RSA SecurID that simply replaces one outdated technology with another! As a result, the customer is left with a new solution and a similar type of authentication that may be susceptible too," stated Garret Grajek, SecureAuth co-founder and CTO. "As a vendor, we empathize with RSA, but believe strongly that bilateral authentication is critical in establishing the level of security needed today. We designed our product from day one to include bilateral authentication as one of our strong authentication options and encourage our customers to deploy it widely."

Hundreds of enterprises have moved away from legacy authentication products including RSA SecurID to SecureAuth IEP as their next generation of identity and access management technology. Unfortunately there is still a huge installed base of both hard and soft token users who haven't made the transition to advanced technology. Why? Organizations have become too complacent with legacy technology and, as a result, may be vulnerable to attack or believe that it is too complex or resource intensive to migrate to newer, more secure technology.

Grajek continues, "If an enterprise is going to make a move, they should definitely take advantage of the latest in technology. Our Identity Enforcement Platform allows a company to migrate off tokens very quickly or in phases. It also provides a consolidation path for an identity and access architecture that can be used for any number of resources, be it on-premise applications, public multi-tenant cloud applications, or hybrid/private cloud scenarios."

SecureAuth's program is designed to remove the barriers for companies who are considering upgrading to the next generation of security for both traditional VPNs, on-premise and cloud/web 2.0 applications. Not only does SecureAuth IEP replace SecurID with a more secure, and cost-effective user authentication technology, the platform also allows an organization to secure access to cloud applications, smartphones and tablets with existing traditional resources, and provides single sign-on between heterogeneous architectures.

SecureAuth IEP offers numerous advantages:

Protects Against Phishing/Man-in-the-Middle and Password Attacks - SecureAuth IEP's Authentication Service includes everything an organization needs to implement the right strength of authentication to meet the security requirement of the information being accessed. An administrator can simply select, via the SecureAuth GUI, the appropriate authentication strength. Furthermore, the Authentication Service includes a cloud-based Certificate Authority that provides X.509 v3 digital certificates for bilateral authentication and One Touch certificate revocation. With SecureAuth IEP, no PKI knowledge is required or additional infrastructure needed.

Provides Transparent Access to On-premise and Cloud Applications - SecureAuth IEP's SSO Service enables secure single logon to on-premise web and cloud-based applications without APIs or application modifications. SecureAuth IEP includes a configurable Security Token Service (STS) that abstracts user data from an enterprise's native directory and then creates disparate web tokens so multiple applications can be securely accessed simultaneously with a single logon, using the same credentials. With SecureAuth SSO, users don't have to remember separate passwords and administrators aren't flooded with calls to reset forgotten passwords.

Easy to Deploy and Manage - SecureAuth IEP's IdM Service automates the creation and management of user accounts. Every organization has to manage user profiles regardless of where the identity attributes reside (LDAP, Active Directory, SQL, etc.). If the process is manually intensive, user profile administration becomes a burden on your IT staff and it takes too long to get users on-board. SecureAuth IEP enables an authenticated user to self-register and keep their profile information up-to-date. In addition, SecureAuth IEP enables users to securely reset their own password in an enterprise directory.

To learn more about the SecureAuth Quick Start Program, please contact a SecureAuth representative at (949) 777-6959 or visit our website now.

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SecureAuth is the market leader in identity enforcement for all cloud, web, VPN, and mobile resources. SecureAuth makes it safe and simple for organizations of any size to extend their enterprise to the cloud. With SecureAuth, organizations of all sizes can increase end-user productivity with transparent access to multiple applications, shore up security with bilateral authentication, and reduce administration with self-service user provisioning and password reset. Unlike standalone SSO and authentication products, SecureAuth is known world-wide for its all-in-one Identity Enforcement Platform, SecureAuth IEP. SecureAuth IEP delivers integrated 2-Factor Authentication, SSO, and IdM for less than the cost of a token-based solution. Strategic partners and customers include leaders in finance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology, and services.
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