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February 27, 2017 13:35 ET

SecureRF and BaySand Collaborate to Provide Quantum-resistant Security for ASIC-powered IoT Devices

Joint Solution Delivers Custom ASICs with Authentication & Data Protection Capabilities in Just Weeks

SHELTON, CT and SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - February 27, 2017) - SecureRF, a leading provider of quantum-resistant security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), and BaySand, the leader in application-configurable ASICs, today announced they have joined forces to provide fast, quantum-resistant authentication and data protection solutions for low-resource IoT devices. Through this partnership, companies can quickly, effortlessly and economically develop high performance, energy-efficient devices using ASICs that deliver strong security. Unlike with many current security methods, there is no need to manage a database or maintain a network connection.

Security is a necessity for most IoT devices. However, 32-, 16-, and 8-bit IoT devices are often deployed with little or no protection because most security solutions overwhelm available memory and power. Many solutions also require a network connection and ongoing administration of a universal key or password database, which can be extremely impractical, particularly for high-volume industrial and consumer devices that may be distributed worldwide.

SecureRF's asymmetric solutions, which include the Ironwood™ Key Agreement Protocol and Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm (WalnutDSA™), provide fast, ultra-low-energy security that will protect IoT devices even when quantum computers become available and render currently-used methods obsolete. Based on Group Theoretic Cryptography methods, SecureRF's cryptosystems are up to 60 times more efficient than ECC, and consume up to 140 times less energy.

"Our customers in consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive and other industries are looking for authentication and data protection, but are hard-pressed to find solutions that are both efficient to manage and offer acceptable runtimes and resource allocations," said Ehud (Udi) Yuhjtman, COO, executive vice president of sales and marketing, BaySand. "Partnering with SecureRF enables us to solve this problem for our customers with a complete range of protocols that are fast and easy to implement."

"Companies producing high-volume IoT devices sold to customers across the globe need high performance security solutions that address even the smallest ARM Cortex M0 processors entering the IoT," said Louis Parks, CEO, SecureRF. "Partnering with BaySand extends the reach of our asymmetric security solutions, enabling us to help more companies fully secure their IoT devices without the headache of managing databases or establishing a network connection."

Initially, SecureRF's Walnut Digital Signature Algorithm™ will be implemented on Codasip's Codix-Bk RISC-V-compliant processor IP core via the BaySand ASIC UltraShuttle™ Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Program. The UltraShuttle program is designed to quickly deliver high-quality, verified and fully-tested ASICs while reducing upfront fees by as much as 50%. BaySand's UltraShuttle MPWs and MetalCopy FPGA porting technology enable companies to bring new designs to market quickly, with low risk, while taking advantage of the cost and scaling advantages that ASIC implementations provide.

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About SecureRF
SecureRF® Corporation ( develops and licenses quantum-resistant, public-key security tools for low-resource processors powering the Internet of Things (IoT). The company's authentication and data protection solutions are highly efficient when compared to techniques like ECC and RSA. SecureRF delivers ultra-low-energy, fast, and small footprint solutions ideally suited for 32-bit, 16-bit, and even 8-bit devices like the ARM Cortex M0/M3 and RISC-V processors.

SecureRF security solutions are used to address wireless sensors, NFC, Bluetooth, and RFID tags as well as embedded platforms including FPGAs, microcontrollers, and ASICs. Software Development Kits, RTL, and tools are available for a wide range of environments. The company also offers Veridify®, a comprehensive, cloud-based solution providing real-time connectivity via smart apps that make products and supply chains smart, secure, and visible.

About BaySand Incorporated
BaySand is the leader in application configurable ASICs targeting short time-to-market and cost-effective ASIC solutions. With its unique and patented Metal Configurable Standard Cell (MCSC) technology and Field Configurable DSP (fcDSP) architecture, the company provides ASIC designers with world-class solutions featuring low non-recurring engineering costs, short time-to-market, low power, low unit cost, high performance, programmability and flexibility. BaySand is fabless, privately held and based in the Silicon Valley, San Jose CA. For further information about BaySand, visit

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